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  1. Happy Birthday Cressy babe Here's someone with a little cake for ya
  2. Cause I am gone Damn, I'm still here
  3. I'm just awaiting my ban, marvelous innit, when ya ask for one they wont give ya one
  4. Meelin have won the All Ireland
  5. Should Valentines be celebrated tonight or tomorrow ?
  6. Most of em have a different ID for each subject they post on
  7. I might be able to come, how many spare beds ya got ?
  8. Chim, you have to admit that as far as chatting goes, we get away with murder on this section, the section is basically just one big chat room which they leave well alone most of the time. As for the thread removal, they had a post reported so they have to close the thread for revue, if they have seen something amiss then they will look into other threads, to do this they have to close them. The mods are only doing their job, at the end of the day, if we as a group could post in a proper manner, and I include myself, probably even more so than others, then they wouldnt be no need for mods
  9. Poor Joan got some hassle the other day of some posters, now that is most definitely uncalled for
  10. I think hope they are just reviewing the situation and may bring one or two back, think it all depends how we all carry on on here
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