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  1. I'm sure Mint on Division Street sell them, i haven't been in for a few months but i know they had a good range.
  2. Wanting to go to a Halloween fancy dress party this year, most people say i don't need to dress up because everyday is Halloween for me Does anyone know of any places that are holding do's?
  3. Thanks for all the help, it makes it a lot easier planning things knowing where to park! I'm getting all excited now, i'm going to stock up on those plates of rock that look like dinners haha, chips beans and egg..fish and chips...a full english breakfast!! Thats all i'm going for really.....they do still have them don't they haha, i've led such a sheltered life!!!
  4. Brilliant thanks for the help, going to be taking granny for a good old fashioned trip down memory lane. It must have been the early 90s when I last visited Skeggy and I was but a young lass back then..no clue on car parking!! Fingers crossed it doesn't chuck it down on the day we go. Thanks again
  5. Planning on taking a day trip to Skegness within the next couple of weeks:banana:. Its a good few years since i've been and was wondering if anyone could tell me where the best places to park are?
  6. I've just found out that the venue has changed to the O2 Academy. Tickets are not valid and will need to be exchange at point of purchase, my brother booked tickets via Ticketmaster for me so how do i go about changing the tickets? I'm not altogether happy at the venue change considering the tickets cost over £80.... 80 quid to go to the O2!!!
  7. I've had mine done twice, the first time was around 5 years ago at F Hinds in Crystal Peaks, i had it done free because i volunteered myself to be a guinea pig for a trainee. I think it usually costs around £20 but its worth asking if they need volunteers for their trainees again. I had my second piercing last year at the tattoo place in Crystal Peaks market it cost £10 and i have to say they've healed much better than the ones i had done at Hinds.
  8. 72 Hours? I missed the postie this morning with my package which also needed signing for. I can pick it up tomorrow from the halfway depot, bloody glad about it too, its my red hair dye and there's no way i could've waited 72 hours for it!!!
  9. Indeed this seems to be true http://www.completelyretail.co.uk/portfolio/Hammerson/scheme/Drakehouse-Retail-and-Leisure-Park-Sheffield/index
  10. I went to Tramlines for the first time last year and it was fantastic!! It was great to see the city centre brought to life, big crowds, no trouble and an overall happy atmosphere...roll on Tramlines 2012
  11. Ha Lizzie and her homemade grog, swigging cough medicine for a quick fix! When the freak put on them gloves, you know she meant business .. Meg Morris' endless pining for her dead husband, Erica Davidson and her helmet of hair, Doreen, Jude......they just don't make em like that anymore!!!
  12. Haha i loved old Bea Smith, i do miss all the old girls!!
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