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  1. Does anyone know where the earth strap under the chassis of mk 1 Megane is ? Mine won't fire up and I'm thinking it may have come off because of an engine mounting loosening.
  2. Depressing the economy guarantees competition for jobs is high and a reserve army of unemployed. Keeping wages low and getting people to accept is the way this government sees as a means of competing, globally. If the bankers and bonus earning millionaires etc.. are subject to the same (all in it together) they threaten to go abroad but there are equally many people who would or could step in to fill their shoes but their mates in government protect them with the myth that they are unique. In many cases they share boardrooms with them. They are one and the same.
  3. The cemetery on Cemetery road is full of history and intrigue also very moody.
  4. If we win one, they have to win three. If they win three we have to win two
  5. I was at A4e once on a day that word was about that their books were going to be inspected. The manager had been running around looking distressed.Perhaps even as the lift carrying up the inspectors was in motion the fire alarm triggered and everyone had to evacuate the building until the fire brigade had certified it safe. A fellow student who had arrived late had told me that on the way up he had passed a shifty looking man dressed as an electrician carrying his tools apace.
  6. He has a memory of doing some plastering at no 60 and talking to Mr White about his bad health. His sister in Law, who died some tome ago was Betty Dixon. She went to St Teresa. My dad's brother Roy was her husband. he has died too. He mentions a Ronald Hague, who worked with him for a while, I think you might know.
  7. Sorry, that was Georgina Ward But if I'm right Susan Ward had long dark hair and pulled he white sox up tight.
  8. What I was noticing was that the oily individual being questioned is having to be reminded who his obligation is to and that he is is a public servant, an PM. He's acting like he's protecting his clients tax interests; as though he's promised not to comply with the committee. These select committees are where the real business of parliament takes place and where you can get a realistic idea of what our government is really up to.
  9. My dad is 85 and lived on Paulette Rd went to Pipworth rd schoo;l a large family Pat, Joan,Doris, Roy,John and your nameske, Albert (my dad). Has many memories, which I've heard and many stories.Would love to get some of these compared and recorded for posterity.
  10. Yes.I meant dedicated to the cause; an acknowledgement e.g. with plaque so they can move on and it not be forgotten.
  11. Good stuff. Check out kite, if bigger check out eagle owl, there are some knocking about, mostly N. Yorks from continent, they sometimes take lambs.
  12. One way forward for this movement to keep the issue alive and for the occupants' tents to leave would be to replace the tents with a few benches and information and invite passers by who are behind their thinking to sit for a few minutes, sign a petition (during the day of course else someone would nick them for scrap)
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