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  1. I'm completely the opposite, I've had long nails since I was fairly young but they're currently in terrible condition so I decided to cut them off. Normal tasks are a nightmare for me, it took me weeks to be able to type at the same speed as I did with my nails. And I've been nearly in tears on more than one occasion because I couldn't undo the knots in my shoelaces! The only thing that really annoyed me about having long nails was trying to get lip balm out of tubs - impossible without getting a lump of goo stuck under the tip! Is there a difference between real/fake long nails? I've only worn false ones once and lasted about an hour before ripping them off because I couldn't do ANYTHING, whilst wearing them.
  2. I know they used to be on Justeat, not sure if they still are though.
  3. Not advice as such, but I do feel your pain! My first one was absolutely fine, had my secone one in about a month ago and I'm a wreck. I have absolutely no appetite (normally I eat like a horse!), I'm shaking and sweating constantly and have had migraines so bad that I'm unable to get out of bed. Also got the mood swings, I switch between wanting to stab people and wanting to crawl under my desk and cry - it's awful. This one seems much more prominent with my arm as well and I'm constantly aware of it - though my arm area's pretty sore after surgery so not sure whether that has anything to do with it. I'm gonna give myself another week and if things don't improve will be back at the drs. Finally, a word of warning. If you're on any other medication, I would check, check and double check with your dr that it won't affect your implant. I found out the hard way...
  4. I've lived in one of the previously mentioned blocks of flats for about 7 years now and very rarely feel unsafe. Some of the previous posts seem a little sensationalist tbh, I've got friends who live just off Langsett Road and so often walk through the main parts of upperthorpe late at night without problems. Same goes for the park, when I used to work night shifts I often cut through the park (there's a lit path about halfway up) and again, never felt unsafe. Whilst I'm not naive enough to say it's completely trouble free, it's nowhere near the no-go area others are claiming.
  5. How cheap are you wanting? Sainsburys do a bottle of basic gin for just under £8 a bottle and I've got London dry in Netto for a similar price...
  6. I'm guessing it'll be in the Neutral room (the bit that used to be Zero) and the main club night will be in the other 2 rooms...
  7. sorry, been at work and didn't have any to check. The ingredients are all listed on the website http://www.complanfoods.com/nutrition.php - doesn't really mean much to me! I found them really helpful though, I eat loads anyway but never really gain any weight, but having them inbetween meals helped me get back up to the 8st mark, which I seem to be maintaining *fingers crossed* Know what you mean about it being frustrating, as soon I go under 7 and a half, I look gaunt and I HATE it! I'm pretty pleased now though, I seem to have filled out a bit and feel loads better for it good luck!
  8. Have you tried Complan? It's a kind of powdered nutrition drink, each sachet is about 250 cals (can double up if needed) and you can have with water or milk. I'm much the same, if I'm ill/stressed my weight drops, so I tend to have these inbetween meals to help me bulk up again. They sell them in most supermarkets/chemists - normally with the vitamins and supplements...
  9. yeah, it's know known as rise @ the hallamshire. And they still do pizzas I'm pretty sure they're 2 for 1 all the time now as well!
  10. What about Las Iguanas? Went there for some tapas and cocktails on Monday and sat outside in the sunshine. Never eaten from the main menu but the tapas were divine! Lots for veggies too...
  11. Been a couple of times, not really very remarkable. Tbh, just average italian food at slightly above average prices. If you're a fan of pizza volante, try La Gondola of Divison St - they've always been good when I've been previously.
  12. What about Blondies(white chocolate brownies)? You could add some raspberries for a red and white theme - I'm not at home now so don't have access to my recipes but I'm sure there'd be one online somewhere...
  13. I'd guess roughly about £7/8 (I got a taxi from West St to Netto on Middlewood Road last night for £7.50).
  14. ooh, I'd just come on to post something similar. I'm staying at my mums at present, while I recover from surgery. My mum has 2 cats, who spend most of the day sleeping in the garden. However, they've been joined by another cat. This cat has a collar, but with no ID attached and appears to be in good health (if a little underweight) and just hangs around constantly. Whenever I let our cats in, she tries to follow them in and I actually feel guilty about not letting her in, but I'm reluctant to feed her as I don't want to give her any more reason to keep coming back. She doesn't appear to be a stray (she's pretty friendly), but I am concerned about the sheer amount of time she spends around our house - would it be worth putting some 'lost cat' type posters about? PS, the guilt got the better of me this morning and I gave her a few biscuits. I think I may regret this later!
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