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  1. hi i am looking on were to take some digital flash camera's and camcorders to be converted to see the full light spectrum, Does anyone have any idea's on a place or person who can do this? Thank you. Cheers.
  2. for people who want to see that last thread ""what rickie re posted" that is not the same topic at all. 1. its a poll 2. i never mention and ask for your views on the science spiritul side. 3. i didnt ask for your views on James Randi's challange. 4. its a total diffrent post. lol. 5. stop trying to fault me.
  3. Nope this is the first science vs spiritual.. by me anyway..
  4. i didnt see that thread.. yes i have links on my sig... i havent asked you to look at them full stop. i have however asked you for your views on the subject in matter.
  5. Ghosts!!! Science vs. Spiritual Ok I decided to make a post to ask your views on the matter of ghost hunting / paranormal investigations / Ghosts.. (spiritual - scientific evidence) I have spoken to some people “face to face” who argue the fact that ghost do exist. And I truly think the only way to prove it is with science? By taking careful measurements and analysis of readings. Which hasn’t been done to this very day with the standard we can present in a court of law style as proof.. “ a bunch of collated information, evidence, and statements” This has not yet been proven under scientific studies.. And would be every paranormal investigators dream to provide proof, which does seem impossible… which means “Very highly unlikely” I myself started investigating the paranormal due to personal experiences, and I was a believer back then 4 / 5 years ago… anyone who knows me now, will truly know that I try to give an alternative to everything, and see me as a non believer due to my journey with our investigations group.. Just about everything has an explanation to it. Just off the top of my memory.. James Randi does have an open challenge out there to anyone who can prove they can contact to the other side, or prove the existence of ghosts, for something like 1Mill I believe “could be wrong” People have come and gone, no one has been able to prove to him under scientific studies that they can contact the other side. Is there anyone out there who truly thinks they can in some way connect with spirit / the other side? I would like to hear your views and well everyone else’s to! Thanks for reading I look forward to reading some replies. Lee steer.
  6. as magnum said this isnt for money.. this is for fun. and a hobby to all within the group. there will be no DVD, just a Youtube video of this event.
  7. Nation Wide Paranormal Investigation we are going to try and do a nationwide paranormal investigation on Sunday the 24th of April,aka St Marks eve. Please read our information below for the history behind the tradition and folklore. The idea will be that you will conduct your own church porch watch from the hours of 11pm till 1am at your local church yard and revive an old tradition. We project-reveal will be live from a local church porch from our website "Project-reveal" with a special edition of our live stream. binging you infomation and live covarage from all over the world. All people, groups, Investigators taking part i would like to ask you to keep us updated on whats going off around you by emailing us via our website, or texting us updates "number on our website" We would like as many people as possible to take part in this night. Information on St Marks Eve St. Mark's Eve is the day before the feast day of St. Mark the Evangelist. In liturgical Christian churches, this feast is observed on April 25 of each year; thus St. Mark's Eve is April 24. On St. Mark's Eve it was the custom in the villages of England, from the 17th century to the late 19th century, to sit in the church porch between the hours of 11.00 p.m. and 1.00 a.m. for three successive years. On the third such sitting, it was said that the ghosts of those to die during the year would be witnessed passing into the church. This practice took place throughout England, but was most prevalent in northern and western counties. Some accounts of the custom state that the watchers must be fasting, or must circle the church before taking up position. The ghosts of those who were to die soon would be the first observed, while those who would almost see out the year would not be witnessed until almost 1.00 a.m. Other variations of the superstition say that the watchers would see headless or rotting corpses, or coffins approaching. Another, one might say opposite tradition holds that a young woman can see the face of her future husband appear on her smock by holding it before the fire on St Mark's Eve.
  8. Investigation Report Investigators: Lee S, Lee M, Nick Guests: Laura, Ann , Paul, Niall, Big John Location: Sheffield Old Queens Head. Type of House / Property: 14th century Public House. Paranormal occurrences and history of the building: Margret and Phil current occupants of old queens head public house explain to us in October 2010 they have never encountered anything paranormal to the point were they couldn’t give a reasonable explanation to the happening, However the pub seems to be very popular with “Ghost hunters” maybe due to the great history of the pub, and the tunnel connections underneath the pub. Although we have seen nothing spectacular at the pub it still supposedly holds and few ghosts and haunts according to other peoples and groups, who have investigated the property. Here are some sightings and reports (Not written from project-reveal) “There has been a lot of stories and reports over the years of ghostly going on, one of which relates to a ghost who likes to spend time in the ladies loo! It has been heard in the cubicles, it is known to try and unlock the cubicle doors, and even unrolls the toilet paper onto the floor. “ “Another spirit likes to sit at a table in the snug part of the pub, after it was opened up to put the bar round. A pint would appear at the end of the night, and the landlord got upset with the staff for not cleaning up properly but the staff said they knew nothing about were this pint had come from. So the landlord tasted the pint one evening, and found it wasn’t a taste of any pint he sold at the pub. Curious by this he decided to leave the pint on the bar instead of clearing it up. In the morning when he came down stairs, the pint had been drunk. He decided to film the area with his CCTV but the phantom pint has not been seen since. Maybe a thirsty soul who waited patiently for his pint, had his fill and went on his merry way?” “The old original fireplace is said to be the place one spirit likes to stand and look around as though he recognises the place, but not the furnishings. This spirit is said to be a Civil War Soldier from the time Oliver Cromwell ordered Sheffield Caste to be taken, and the Duke of Arundel (John Bright) took the castle. The soldier is said to be one of John Brights men. “ To this day it is believed that the pub still has its ghostly visitors, but people have become more acustom to them. They still shock and surprise some unsuspected visitors. So remember, if you are wanting that quiet pint to wind down, you are not alone. Site Inspection Report Investigator: Lee s / Nick / Lee M Date: 02/October/2010 Site: Old Queens Head Pub Before any Investigations Project-reveal like to do a site inspection report and look for all faults.. On what may cause activity on the night. Windows: (all ok) Doors: 1 Broken (B1) Comments: Toilet door not fitted right. (B1) (This could be what people are seeing in the toilets) Walls: 3 Lose materials (C2) Comments: Speaker brackets loose on upper and low floors (C2) Floors; 1 Squeaks (D4) Comments: Stairs to the Upper floor squeaks (which could effect any evp done in past and present) Drafts : 1 Vent (F4) Comments: Found a draft upstairs but couldn’t pin point were it was coming from. However downstairs we did find a vent with a slight draft which could explain any cold spots near it. Objects (check those that apply) 0 Items that make noise (H1) 0 Moving parts that squeak (H2) Objects that could cause any Ghostly reflections were, pumps, picture frames, tables, glasses, optics. Smells; (NON) Signs of Animal Presence; (NON) Hallucinogens; (NON) False Haunting; (NON) 0 Found Tape of sounds (X1) 0 String to make things move (X2) 0 Projector to make project images (X3) Base Readings EMF Reading - Cause Of Reading - Area Of Reading 20.00mg - Bar Pumps - Dining Room 20.00mg - Bar Pumps - Main Side 20.00mg - Behind the Bar “in mid air” - Couldn’t Pin Point a cause 0.0mg - Upstairs Function Room. 16c (Temp) - In All Rooms. 29.2db (Sound) - In all Rooms ----- The Investigation After Base readings all the team relocated upstairs in the function room to talk about the case Readings they got, which they got a strange EMF behind the bar which the team and guests couldn’t work out the cause. The Team Decided to start the investigation in the function room, Our first method of investigation which was an EVP Session (Electronic voice phenomena). All members who was present would state there name for the recording and the investigators and guests would ask questions to see if they would get response from the ghosts?? To Avoid confusion all members present was told to hold there hand up when they want to ask a question to the EVP recorder then leaving a 10 second gap for any response. E After a few minutes of calling out, we asked if there was anyone there and the K2 meter started to flicker on full bars “Lee asked if anyone had there phones on and got a message, everyone said no they haven’t” The team asked to see if the spirit could do that again “if it was a spirit” there was no response.. 10 minutes later into the EVP session nick went down stairs to check a CCTV Camera.. And all members upstairs heard like a convo between two people what sounds like it came from down stairs. We instantly though nick was talking.. When he came back up, we asked was you talking down stairs he replied no.. I don’t talk to my self. We tried to get more responses but failed. We then tried to do a séance to try and build up some energy.. During the séance we heard the sounds of a “plate smashing” Most likely coming from outside the pub. Certain members of public felt Cold spots in the séance also during the evp session a member of the public pointed out a cold spot which we couldn’t find the cause of the draft / coldness. After the séance ended we went down stairs to try the same methods of investigation and we didn’t really get any responses or activity.. Only responses we did get was the Cell Censor (EMF) going off.. Which we think was the bar pumps. After a while of hardcore investigations the public wanted to do some more spiritual work.. This time with a glass and a table “glass work” Project-reveal is not a fan of glass work because it is easy to fake, and your subconscious can move the glass with you not been aware. However the public was amazed by the glass moving all members of public said they wasn’t pushing it.. And they felt a really cold chill come over them… Laura asked everyone to take there figures off the glass and it was still moving which looked like it shocked her. PR wants to stress that glass work is in no way evidence of the paranormal in the eyes of project-reveal. Please see our video investigation. Enjoy.
  9. Hey all i am looking for any pictures of guns from 1750’s Sheffield manufactured, i have done goole search and not getting luck if you can help me find any links be great thanks.
  10. lol. i am not a medium, and nor do a beleive in them.. unless anyone can tell me something what only i truly know.. which only one person has done.. which left me puzzled... the person got a Name.. and a happening tied with that name.. which was serious.. to me its impossible to get both in 1 go.. and with impossible meaning verrrry highly unlikely... any more questions on the paranormal please?
  11. thanks to all who have sent a good question in. cant wait to open talk about some of them.
  12. Hey all. I am asking SF, do you have any questions on the paranormal? any at all. and we at project-reveal will talk about your questions and come up with an answer live on the Monday 18th october. at 9.00pm on our website and will submit a written report of the questions back on this topic. ------------------------ Please ask serious questions, about paranormal equipment, places, sightings, ghosts, investigation methods, questions about our group, any questions you can think of what is releated to the paranormal!!
  13. Lol how many times do i need to tell you i am not a ghost hunter!! i dont hunt ghosts.. like people hunt animals, fish, Hunt is the wrong word. i am a paranormal investigator.. i investigate into the paranormal.. hunt and investigator are two different words and on every investigation we do bebunk... we have a skeptic who litrely debunks everything which is good. PR's Skeptic Review. Maltby House Paranormal Investigation by project-reveal. An analysis of reported phenomena with considerations. Main Bedroom. Reports of bed banging every night. Bed is reported as being hard to move as it forms part of unit consisting of built in wardrobes. The fact that the bed makes noises during the night could be down to several reasons not necessarily of supernatural origin. Movement of occupants, loose internal fixing and external vibration being three that initially come to mind. A window has been reported to open on its own whilst nobody was in the property. Windows can open without human assistance for a number of reasons. The most common is air pressure differentials/equalisation within a property. I've witnessed this myself on many occasions and it's quite unnerving. Doors opening and closing are also caused by the same process. Kids Bedroom. Both children on previous occasions have reported conversations with an old woman in their bedroom. This could stem from the active imaginations of young children. Most small children at some point create imaginary friends, in most cases these are benign in nature but the form these imaginary friends take can be heavily influenced by culture and media. Children can often blur the line between reality and fantasy and like adults are prone to both Hypnogogic and Hypnopompic states. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/4841646/One-in-five-young-children-have-imaginary-friends.html http://www.ivillage.com/should-you-worry-about-your-childs-imaginary-friend/6-n-146009 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia There is also the recognised phenomenon known as Folie a deux where a delusion or imagination is shared by one or more people. Which could explain why the children may independently describe and report the same imaginary friend for what we may mistake for a spirit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folie_à_deux Living Room/Stairs. Ashtray reported to move location whilst room was empty. Using the principle of Occams Razor the simplest explanation for this could be that the object didn't move and the witnesses were mistaken. Since the occupants were in the kitchen and no one saw this ashtray move we cannot conclusively say one way or another other than suggest that it is possibly an error of human perception. Base Readings. Base readings are a relative measurement that are supposed to compare a benchmark of occasions when no activity is present against times when activity is experienced. The science behind base reading and the equipment used such as EMF meters and recording equipment is controversial and on most occasions data gathered from these devices is liable to outside interference with it's interpretation subject to confirmation bias. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias The Investigation/Results Write Up. project-reveal reports that during the course of setting up and interviewing 'strange things' started to happen such as a noise coming from some cling film that was wrapped around food. The cling film is reported to have made a noise,. This in itself is not an indication of paranormal activity and again, applying the principle of Occams Razor is more likely due to misperception, for example, the sound heard may not have actually come from the cling film but from some other source misinterpreted as the cling film. As the interview progressed the camera is reported to have changed colour - again I'm assuming the image on the digital display changed to red or a red cast not the camera itself. This is a technical anomaly possibly related to a malfunction in the chip array in the camera. The fact that it happened at the time it did in a location that has reported paranormal activity is most likely purely co-incidental and it's significance may be subject to confirmation bias although project-reveal do acknowledge this as a technical glitch. Further into the interview the client began to feel sick. No real comment here and I don't think this is being suggested as being related to the activity that the team were there to investigate, however there is a danger that it's mere inclusion will be misinterpreted as being linked in some way to the events as a whole. During a Seance the camera was seen to move. presumably a tripod resting on the floor. This could be the result of it being knocked accidentally and the person responsible not being aware of doing so or it could be due to a shifting in the carpet or flooring material or even the underlying floorboards or flooring structure. Orbs are also reported - again, presumably on film. Orbs have been proven (by camera manufacturers) to be dust/moisture often close to the lens and illuminated by flash and are highly unlikely to be evidence of spirit activity although like everything that has been reported in this case - genuine paranormal activity cannot be conclusively ruled out. http://www.theorbzone.com/ A shadow is also reported moving past a door. Shadows have a variety of sources, usually caused by external or internal lights. The details provided are insufficient to speculate on what could have been responsible but a shadow is just a shadow and not indicative of a supernatural presence. Once again high expectancy and confirmation bias may be a factor in the sighting of a shadow. Finally an EVP was captured. No further details on this are published. EVP's are open to subjective interpretation and have a number of possible causes (detailed in the link provided) - by far the least likely of which is communication from the dead. http://www.skepdic.com/evp.html Ends. The above opinions on project-reveals investigation are my own and while the investigation seems to have yielded some interesting experiences it would be wrong to see these as confirmation that the property in question is haunted or experiencing activity of supernatural origin - not that project-reveal seems to advocating this as a definitive conclusion. However due to the use of a seance and glasswork (which may be a ouija board) it has to be assumed that a certain amount of expectancy and bias could have influenced the groups investigation. A very useful link for investigators is detailed below. http://www.radfordbooks.com/top5mistakes.pdf
  14. The evp at the end of the clip, was simply added 3 times into the software i use to make the video.. as i thought just 1 time playing the evp will be to short. its always good to play it more then once.. so the viewers can have a better listen. Maybe i should have put replay or looped on the video.. and "norks" i sent you a pm cheers. thanks all.
  15. lol so you actually watch it? for a comedy fair enough lol. sorry... all i think is people should have more respect and should think about peoples feelings before posting. i look foward to future talks because we both know there will be
  16. lol yes.. one day there may be a text what says u own us 10000£ and we click agree and by right... we would have to pay.
  17. have you changed any setting recently? for ur display?
  18. ill tell you what... put your words were your mouth is and come along with us in person! and see what we do, and what you think... then write about us on here for all to see.. if all you come on here is to joke about and take the ****.. then go to another forum. well and you know some people like to kick a football around as a hobbie.. i dont.. i have a diffrent hobbie. and i dont tend to take the **** out of anyones hobbies. ------------ My point was if your not interested in the topic title then dont comment. if u are then by all means comment.. whats point in commenting on something your not interested in only reason told JimJim likes to comment on this.. is because the post is by me lol...
  19. Hey, 1. i post on here to share what we have done.. with the people INTERESTED. if your not interested then dont comment simple as.. 2. i am just stating what happend on the night, i never once said theres a ghost.. or the place is haunted.. i did mention what the customer had seen tho. flamingjimmy you always have to post on my posts and try to pull me down... for what reason????? --------------------------- If you didnt like fishing you wouldnt go to a fishing match and disturbe them would you? --------------------------- you wouldnt turn up to play tenis with a football... --------------------------- i have done nothing wrong to you... i just dont get your attitude to me Like wise on here with my posts people do like to read them and see what i have caught. ---------------------------------------------- and we do take a scientific aproach to investigations.. everyone has to start some were.. and theres always room for improvement and we ar trying really hard to improve.. the ways of investigation. On any investigation we dont class EMF energy as a ghost... we class it is an Electro magnitic field, and we pin point were the emf is coming from. sometimes that isnt the case and we get emf in mid air.. what we cant pin point that would be just a disturbance to us.. we show you what happens.... we dont say anything is a ghost or spirit. we let you make up your own mind with our results.. all i do is show you what we find.. its then upto you to make up your own mind on what we got... there is groups out there who just walk into a place and do glass work all night we are not one of them group. we like to spend hours and hours in a location... doing hardcore investigation taking base readings and comparing them through the night. and if anything odd was to happen to do base readings again to see how they are different... we do take a scientific approach to our investigations its just a shame that people want to do glass work.. to me and PR its not evidence. we looks for anything on camera / cctv / EVP / photos / and readings from EMF, humidity, sound, temp. i would love to invite anyone to join us who says we do not take a scientific approach.... "and thinks were like a most haunted team" when i first started this group i was a believer now.. 4 years down the line i am very skeptical veryyyyyy.. as i have learnt alot about what can cause activity... all groups and sites and companys go through changes... and there is always room for improvement.
  20. lol damn.... does it really say the bed was soiled instead of solid? lol damn i hate my spelling really gets me down
  21. Maltby Private House Paranormal Investigation Date: 14/05/2010 Location: Maltby Investigators: Lee S, Nick, Simon, Lee M, Carole, Rachez, Equipment: 3 CCTV camera’s, 2 Dictaphones, 2 camcorders, 1 k2 EMF meter, 1 emsog EMF meter, Experiments: Séance, Glasswork, Strobe session, Video Investigation: Yes 1 - 10 Parts. Overview Nicole and her boyfriend current house occupants had sent in various reports of paranormal activity such as:- Main Bedroom - Bed bangs almost every night while the homeowner is in bed, as she explained to me, it extremely hard to move the bed alone as it has built in wardrobes which sort of lock the bed in place. - A window has opened on it's own on one occasion whilst nobody was in the house (homeowner was outside talking to a neighbour who witnessed it open) Kids Bedroom - Both children when younger have spoke about an old woman that used to communicate with them in a chair in the corner Living Room/Stairs - Ash tray has moved from the mantelpiece into the middle of the living room floor whilst homeowner and friend were in the kitchen Base Readings When project-reveal arrived on location, lee and simon started to setup for the interview, while the other members of Project-reveal went around doing base readings while the interview was taking place. The base readings team had EMF meters, Sound level meters, and temperature meters, there job is to walk about and find all natural causes of EMF, which could result in paranormal activity also take sound readings while there is no one talking, and take temperature readings in every room. Here is what the base readings found to be natural causes. Readings - Time of reading - Area of Readings - Cause of Reading 20+ mg 9:18 Main Bedroom Router - Alarm Clock 2.5 mg 9:25 Children’s Bedroom Boiler 2.5 mg 9:27 Door of Main BR Sky Dish 0.0 mg 9:31 Children’s Bedroom 2 35.4. db. 22c 9:15 Main Bedroom N/A 40.0 db. 23c 9:22 Children’s Bedroom N/A 36.0 db. 21 c 9:30 Children’s Bedroom 2 N/A LEGEND: Sound = DB / Temp = C / EMF = MG The Investigation / Results Write up When project-reveal arrived on location lee and simon setup ready for the interview, while the others got the above base readings, while in mid interview strange happenings started to happen, to the left of the camera is some food with clingfilm wrapped around it. While simon was talking to Nicole the clingfilm made a noise, Lee Steer who was behind the camera watched the filming shrivel, which I thought was abit strange after working in the pub trade many yeays and he has never witnessed anything like that due to the temperatures of the clingfilm or food. The interview carried on, and suddenly the camera changed colour to like a dark red film… lee had to shout simon to hold the interview so he could fix the issue, on what he has never seen before, However it must be a camera glitch. The interview carried on for like 10 - 15 mins longer and the client suddenly started to feel sick, and ill, so we turned off the camera, After the interview and base readings, Project-reveal split up into 2 groups to investigate the house, all equipped with an EMF meter, Dictaphone, flash camera, and a camcorder, they took it in turns to investigate each and every room by doing evp sessions, EMF sessions, séances, and other activities.. After a few hours the groups changed locations and did the same again, to see more on what happened with the groups investigations please watch our videos for more info. Meanwhile after another few hours the groups joined back up for a big séance downstairs. Everyone joined hands was all asking for anything paranormal to happen. Lee S, was to the right of the camcorder with a CCTV camera. And noticed a noise what sounded like someone knocking the camcorder, Lee shouted “did anyone just move the camcorder” Lee M, shouts no, there was no one around the camcorder.. Looking back on film Lee M informed me that the camcorders actually does move.. Nothing else significant happened on the night, intill the review of evidence came upon us which Lee M, reviewed the Camcorder footage and noticed 1. The camera shake, 2. Some orbs, 3. A shadow what moves past the door behind everyone! Nick who does EVP noticed something interesting as well.. There was a voice captured which wasn’t any of ours.. It is unknown what the voice actually says some could only guess. Why don’t you take a look at our Results video and see for you self? Overall This was a good Investigation.
  22. Nice thanks you. thats interesting. anyone here who useto work at the old steel works? or still does work at a steel works?
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