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  1. We had a helicopter hanging around S10 at 4.30am. Woke me up. They wandered around the area for some time. Anyone else hear it?
  2. Hi Jo, the Forum did not notify me of your repy and have only just seen your request. my email address is joan_baldwin@aol.com.au so if you are on email I can send the photo over the internet. The aol stands for Australia On Line, although we have been living in Sheffield for the past 10 years. Spent nearly 50 years in Australia and missing the sunshine (not the 40 degree heat) Joan
  3. Dear Jo, Kay Willgoose emailed me a brilliant photo of our class. Although I could not remember any of our teachers apart from Dr. Green I remembered many of the girls in our class. I remember AGGS fondly these days although much water has passed under the bridge since then. Hoping you and yours are all well and the rest in our class, considering the size of this pandemic. If you would like a copy of the photo I can email to you. PS. I remember we were the three smallest in our class. Joan (Turner) Baldwin
  4. Thanls for advice. Council have listed it for a permanent repair.
  5. Council have been notified and my message passed on to Amey. Just hope this will help. Those steps are horrible.
  6. 20th December 2018 Yesterday I visited my sister and after parking our car on the side of the road was surprised to see the steps of the embankment leading to the footpath in front of my sisters home were almost impossible to navigate. The stone treads of these steps are almost vertical instead of horizontal as they should be. My arms were full of Christmas presents for the family as well as shopping and I could not hold on to the one railing available for public use. I had to slowly descend the stairway one step at a time. It has only to be a matter of time before a serious accident and injury happens to a member of the public, thus costing Council many thousands of pounds in insurance and legal fees. Especially applicable with the approach of winter frosts, ice and snow. My husband, a retired builder, commented that it would not take much effort, money or time to correct the steps to their horizontal position. As my sister's husband is suffering from cancer and has to make frequent visits every week to the hospital for treatment, I am writing to Council offices in the hope of making someone aware of the state of these publiclyused steps and the public safety consideration for insurance risks. Perhaps someone can investigate for safety.
  7. This website does not open except to show a blank page and when I googled the site was told it carried a virus .... so anyone opening this web take care.
  8. thank you Annie ---------- Post added 11-09-2016 at 11:05 ---------- Recommending Sheffield Archives. Saturday's trip proved well worth while as they traced the names I searched for right down to the plot number in Tinsley Park Cemetery. .. less than an hours time... They also gave me an excellent website to research: http://www.freebmd.org.uk where I found lots of birth dates and death dates from my computer at home. excellent website if you are researching your family tree. I use http://www.sheffieldindexers.com a lot although they did not have Tinsley Park Cemetery on their records. Hopefully they will add them one day. Use to use Ancestry but cost me loads and left my entire tree in there (part of the world tree) now I cannot access this to amend records although I used to be able to. Not happy with that.
  9. Am hoping to contact some cousins or descendants of Elizabeth Rebecca Baldwin, married to Albert Baldwin. Have a nice photo of Albert and his father and wondering if there are any other photos out there of Albert and his father Amos. They lived in Attercliffe in the 1930s.
  10. Has anyone had any joy researching Tinsley Park Cemetery apart from visiting Shoreham Street or City Road. Visited the cemetery yesterday and was surprised at how big it was. sydneygirl
  11. If you are searching for school photos FR website has quite a few and at least some of us enjoy those memories. I lost some of my early photos and it was a lovely surprise to find my school photo on this website. Sorry to hear they are closing. Hubby posted some great school photos on this website so if you find any better save them quick.
  12. Rotherham All Saints Church register records the marraige of Sarah D'ammz being the daughter of Thomas D'ammeyer in the 1700s. The descendants eventually moved into Sheffield when the industry revolution started.
  13. It's an expensive fine too. We were doing 36 in a 30mph zone in Beverley, Yorkshire, .. so were a lot of cars. Costing us 85 pounds for hubbie to attend a seminar. He has had a perfect driving record for 50 years. Must be a new way of filling the treasury for policing. Be careful out there, especially driving through Humberside area.
  14. I agree with Canetoad, we are thankful to the caretakers of this cemetery. Unfortunately, my hubbie found his gt grandparents gravestone toppled over, although surrounded by other stones all still standing. He devoted a lot of time into fixing this and the grave is now immaculate except for the falling leaves. My gt gt granparents are buried at the back of the cemetery and they used to have a stone with inscriptions. This has been removed and the area grassed over and regularly trimmed. Thanks to the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery who keep a record of the inscription of the lost stone. They are open every Sunday and for anyone with Sheffield relatives who passed away during the Victorian and Edwardian eras should research this cemetery if they are investigating their ancestral tree.
  15. I was disappointed to find the WW1 memorial did not have any flowers there when we visited on Sunday. Why was the memorial ignored. I have a relative in the Memorial Wall, and it is a beautiful memorial .... " Their names live for evermore". The garden is kept beautifully by the caretakers of the cemetery and as both my hubbie and myself have many relatives there we visit regularly.
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