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  1. hiya my father in law used to talk about playing in this area when he was young, name Albert Brown (parrot) lived on fitzhubert rd. He would have loved all this.
  2. hiya yes she died last week, funeral next tuesday/wednesday i think, The other son had a daughter who lived with mrs reid named susan who is my sister in law. Susan married Albert Browns oldest son michael.
  3. became a mum, i was a early starter, but now my kids are all grown up first i did part time doin dinners at the fat cat pub and now im a domestic helper, not much difference there i know, still claening up after people. lol lol Do you remember the gennel blocks, always on way home from school in the last gennel leading onto shiregreen lane. and cross contry all the way round shiregren cemetry and back down past the golf course and then round the field , sometimes in the snow , soon started forgetting the pe kit
  4. Hiya hes ok, he got married last year after living with girlfriend for 17 years and having 4 kids, (Thought he'd try it out first) lol
  5. my mother in law used to bake egg custards on a sunday, along with the roast or a great big meat n potatoe pie ( desperate dan pie ) we used to call it. they were made in a big enamal dish ,took hours to cook and they were the best, you cant buy them like that and i cant make em like that according to my daughter.
  6. also mrs batty worked there at the same time and used to threaten to send us to him if we didn't behave. remember mr abrams what about mr civico used to be tecnition in metlle or woodwork now works at city school , saw him at my daughters open night. i was on about the half covered shelter leading from lower to upper school earlier, how we had to dodge the snowballs in winter. Also the houses we were in, i was in sorby, when we first started everone tried to collect as many points as they could but that soon wore off , it always seemed to be the same people who got them.
  7. hiya does anybody remember my father in law Albert Brown (Parrot) i think he lived on fizhubert rd with his parents, and had brothers freddy, joe , a sister called Elsie also lived near to a mrs Reid who had a son called peter.
  8. i lived on woodthorpe for 15 years but left in 2005 as was getting rough,
  9. can only remember mr priest probably the reason for this is probably because he used to dig fingers into your back when he was behind you for talking, also throw the chalk at you, and some times the board rubber. my mum also went up to see him about this. Was around 1775/76 Mark 1971 did you know my brothers Gary or Mark Bilton off daffodil rd ?
  10. i used to be a girl guide at st hildas, can remember doing trails round the back, practicing camp fires and having to go to church first sunday in every month in full uniform , would have been 76/77
  11. i can remember doing art and we had to draw tinsley viaduct and gas tanks, when i came back the next week to finish it the tanks had vanished, that was when i learnt they moved up and down. well nobody told me
  12. i went to shiregreen nursery, then first and middle school. i can remember being made to eat dinners in nursery by a mrs lee and after having to go to sleep on little beds, if you were tired or not. first school there was a mrs barlow as the head teacher and mrs furniss was my teacher, she took the whole class to her house on oaks fold lane at the other side of concord park. In the play ground there was a shelter when it was raining we all used to get under it. In the middle school i can remember mr priest, who only ever seemed to wear one suit and the same pair of boots the whole time i was there. Also all the classes having to go to the rooms under the middle school for the nit nurse, .
  13. hiya i left hinde house in 83 and i was in sorby they was also breily, chantry and hunter. All tropheys were kept in wooden cabinets in the hall in the upper school and we had to collects points, when i first went to hinde house we tried our best to get points but after a while that wore off.
  14. hiya can you remember mr inman and mr batty when i left i was in mr basfords form but heard he died not long after, i had mr carr for music, mr sykes for re, was he weird or what. i was in sorby, the tropheys were kept in cabinets in the upper hall, when we first started at hinde house you tried your best to get these points for your house, but that soon wore off. can anyone remember the half covered shelter that ran from the lower to the upper school and being bombarded by snowballs in the winter whilt getting from class to class.
  15. Hiya any one leave hinde house in 83 what you all doing now?
  16. Did you actually live there , we did and it was no different than any where else, There were big families and every one knew who they were and knew not to tangle with them as they stook together what ever, It got rougher before the houses got knocked down, yes the joy riders always ended up on wincobank hill but better there than on the street , (not that im agreeing with joy riding ) and then the burnt out cars were left for the police to find, when they eventually turned up, just like now really.
  17. which gary did you know walker or Bilton you got a brother called lee and brent, both older than you if memory serves me right
  18. my dad who lives on shiregreen says sanctuary housing is going to be knocking the chaple down soon so they can put more houses on there
  19. hiya i remember gladys myers she had a sister further round daffodil and one that married into the walkers everlyn i think ? Danny myers went out with vicky suiter and had kids, were still together last time i heard but that was quite a while ago.
  20. hiya my grandparent lived They were the wardles on Beck road and the Biltons on Beck close.
  21. i remember mrs furniss on oaks fold rd, at the back of concord park. she used to teach me at shiregreen school, took the all class to her house and gave us all glass of orange, At the end of the year she gave us all a ladybird book on british wildlife and still had until a couple of year ago. This site is brill
  22. i was there with those kids back then, i can remember first time in mr priests class and getting prodded under the shoulder blade for talking, also the board rubber and chalk being thrown at pupils.
  23. could she have been called lisa and had 2 sisters and a few brothers if so her sister writes on here she called carol. i lived at 57 but u may have known my brother mark bilton he was about that age then
  24. Hiya as any one got any pics of the old woodthorpe school as we cant find any at all anywhere. would like them as daughter set up page on face book for ex woodthorpe students. Its like the old school never existed.
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