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  1. ahhhhhhh young love lol lol i can remember the white pipes that was shown in school
  2. photo with gaynor in it Back row starting from right glen right,jason wild,darrol ?,dont know, mark ?, dont know,and is the one on the end dean rowding?. middle row starting from right Me, louise ?, dont know, catheryn ?, debbie ?, catheryn liversage, and front row 3rd from right jane platts, ur gaynorhttp with the blond hair next t her deric ? Any good ://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345183456
  3. sorry carol didnt know you couldn't get them without joining. added you to my friends now lol lol, did well to say i sussed it out with out the help of daughter, but she came in handy as she told me to add you. do you know any names
  4. hiya carol hopefully ???? the pics iv been promising, i had to do this on my own, there is one on there, i think it was gaynor , hope you remember a few names to the faces http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345183456
  5. i remember doin The sun has got his hat on over and over again lol, still remember the words now.
  6. i remember, what about the may queen and who was going to get picked and practicing the may pole dance.
  7. Roman Ridge was on wincobank avenue, near to the flats it got demolished and has been an empty space for ages, The Horse Shoe was on Bellhouse Rd near concord park also got demolished, used to have large hut as the function room next to it , which was a second hand shop later on, now flats have been built there. Fort Hill pub is on Fort Hill, wincobank. dont know what its like now not been since i was a kid. (many moons ago)
  8. anyone remember Roman ridge pub sitting or walking on the wall on warm evenings with a bottle of pop and packet crisps and listening and dancing to the music outside.If you were lucky to get to sit down as it was always packed. Kids could get served inside the doorway at a tuck shop and we would run round the pub car park or on the field at the back . if you were not lucky enough to get a place on the wall we would get walked up to the horse shoe pub where there was a big garden with benches or over to fort hill pub which is still there and had a brilliant view and we used to climb on the hills at the back and run up and down the steps leading to limps field school.
  9. wow carol wot a memory lol i remember it exactly how you describe it.i used to have a paper round morning and night , delivered all round flats , roman ridge pub (used to have to paddle to deliver to the side door) , windmill lane, back down bracken rd, what a killer especially on a sunday morning. remember sunday school having to sing along to the woman with the guitar, was her name sue ? Also waiting inline at the grocery shop and i used to hear all the gossip and us kids could get sweets from one side of the shop while food was served at the other side.
  10. hiya my mum n dad remember going to the tip for coal when there was a strike on , they said they fetched it back up in a old pram, the tip was right at the bottom of wincobank hill which later got turned into playing fields
  11. hiya dean seem to remember you had a few runins with mr inman , did you ever get the cane from him or had it just been stopped when we went to hind house? When you look back, wasn't school brill.
  12. hiya carol still working on the photos nt forgotten, well did forget to ask for them last time i was up at my mums, but like dean says memory going
  13. hiya dean i remember you. what u been up to? old age can't have set in yet you still remember us, and that was along time ago. Have you been on some of the other threads i think you got more mentions by a mr hill one of the old teachers. once they had you in there class you were not forgotton. lol lol. Can you remember mr priest in middle school n was it you that threw that chair across the room and then walked out the room.
  14. my dad was on about the great flood and the tricket family grave he had read about, we actually went to high Bradfield church and had a look, while we were out walking. unfortunatly, he couldnt find it.
  15. i think gary and my brother did judo at concord for a while. I remember mr Inman, he was deputy head when i was there.
  16. chocolate pinwheels and custard with skin on , dundee biscuits we had at break times and doughnuts with straberry jam
  17. no they were nt twins and didnt look alike, were the twins you remember the carnalls from 70 daffodil , they were called sean n andrew had brothers gary and mark, then they moved onto the corner of blue bell across from the spooky house, and i think there mum n dad still there now.
  18. Hiya carol im on here quite abit now, looking through all the threads and theres some great stories. Keep seeing your name pop up, I was talking to danny myers nephew, he says danny still with vicky suiter. christopher shentall, who was mates with our gary says beany who was the hells angel kid is a tatooist at hillbrough. Sorry to hear you have not been in good health n hope you get better soon, ill try my best t get some photos on soon, ill have to ask my daughter, its lovely talking to you, Keep writing lol. Think i saw debbie in firth park while passing through to shiregreen other satuday. as gary n my mum n dad live up there.
  19. hiya carol i know u lol . this sites brill, what u doin now, Iv got 2 daughters 23 n 18 , i was a early starter, cant believe its that long since we left school. I used to work in the fat cat pub doing meals now im a domestic helper, cleaning up after the elderly. i was trying to think of the stanleys the other day. Its nice to hear from you and know that i wasn't invisible back then lol lol. My mum got some old photos while i was still in shiregreen, im going to see if i can get them on ere soon, give us a laugh.
  20. hiya i left in 83 My name Gail Bilton was there with Tracy marsden, Clair Critchley, Joanne Coleman, maxine gilby ring any bells.Other names lisa stocks, vicky suiter, tina senior, carol green, lynsay broad and laura griffiths, lads names let me think? stephen slack, grifiths, sean dawson, richard ellis,cant' think of anymore. forgot dean rowding, jonathan shaw be back when i think of some more
  21. Anyone remember Janet Wardle, got a Brother called Allen. Lived on ecclesfield bottom then Beck road
  22. Hiya my dad work at twist drill on the loading bay anyone know Danny Bilton. He worked there for years untill the company moved. seemed to remember him talking about someone called christine who lived on norfolk park. The xmas parties were at top rank when my dad was there but they were brill.
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