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  1. enlist the help of a mortgage broker - it's his job to find you the best deal - the service itself should actually be free as he will make some commission from the lender - make sure he's not tied to any particular lender and only agree to pay on completion of the mortgage
  2. for cheap international calls - use calling cards - there are freephone numbers available as well as local rate numbers - i use a card called "world call" and you can get around 300 minutes of calls to USA for £5. The cards are readily available from most asian grocery shops as they are primarily used for calls to asian countries.
  3. unfortunately there's nothing you can do. been there. the best lesson that can be learnt is always keep 2 spares. you can have a duplicate done as same as the key price. you're always going to be stuck if have a remote control locking system. as oxbeast says they can get away with it so they do - like most things !! also bit of advice for anyone not with a breakdown service - join now before you break down. go for an option that takes you HOME if you're stuck not to a garage. you may think you're saving money by taking the lowest option but in the long term - you will pay for it. join AA or RAC - you're almost guaranteed to get someone who has the best chance of fixing the car - the rest, although may be good mechanics generally do not have the experience of these people who turn out to breakdowns every day. i have learnt the lessons the hard way - by paying myself out of trouble every time.
  4. well done !!! it's all about how much effort you put in. they're in no way easy but i think results are better because people are taking the easy subjects (that's what i did) - i went into law and they didn't give a hoot what subjects you did. one of my friends who (due to his background) could speak fluent spanish and french - he did both of them at a level - got great results and is now earning 30K+ as a lawyer. haad he not got the grades at a level, he wouldn't have got into the university and got the job he did. you've got to work the system to your advantage !!
  5. i'm thinking about a house at the brow of the hill turning right and then left - it's actually hinde house croft - it's a decent house and it seems fairly quiet - it''s the only decent house i've seen in my price bracket i'm not thinking about staying there for long, just a couple of years until i qualify as a solicitor. it's just an attaempt to put myself on the property ladder
  6. i used to live in sharrow and now live in grimesthorpe and i have found both to be relatively safe. there is trouble in the council estates but as long as you're not a dealer or taker yourself, nobody really bothers you. as for grimesthorpe, i would not hesitate to move there at all. i am however looking to buy on hinde house lane in firth park and would be grateful for views. it's the only area where i can afford a decent house.
  7. anybody got any history in about areas close to hinde house lane
  8. near to firth park anybody know the history of this ? when was the landfill site closed ? have there been any problems in relation to site in the past years ? i could do with answers as soon as possible as I need to make up my mind about buying a house there thanks in advance
  9. is wensley estate near to firth park road and hinde house lane ? exactly which area of grimesthorpe are we talking about - i live near the crossroads where the total garage is and it's absolutely fine round there. was wensley estate a council estate ? if it is the one i'm thinking about - it looked like it was boarded up.
  10. when you drive on to kerbs or hit them against kerbs when parking or drive over bumps and things like that
  11. tracking is where they all point straight to avoid the outer edges wearing before the main thread balancing is where weights are added to the sides of the tyres to balance them on each side
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