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  1. I really wouldn't, he's absolutely shocking. The only players in that list good enough to play for you are Rui Marques and Casper. And Beckford, but he's a bit too good for League One.
  2. It's all a put-on. It's the same with us Leeds fans. We'll talk ourselves up and defend our team to the death to non-fans, but in reality are incredibly pessimistic, fearing the worst at every turn. I'm sure none of them actually believe it. I think most people have Southampton as firm favourites to win that division.
  3. Anything official on that? Only sources I can find are rumour sites. Certainly nothing on the Leeds, BBC or YEP sites.
  4. Well I'm sad about it. I'm a Leeds fan but I live a mile from Wednesday's stadium so I'm more of an independent well-wisher. Especially with us going up today, Huddersfield in the play-offs and Hull going down, it could've ended up with almost half of next season's Championship being Yorkshire clubs, which would've been fun. Anyway, my condolences. I've seen us go through enough relegations and heartbreaking failures in the last 8 years, and I wouldn't wish those feelings on anyone.
  5. A very bad start, as I'm going to have to pull out of my first session for reasons I won't go into. Very sorry, I feel like a right tit. Next week I shall be there.
  6. Very pretty indeed. But since that was taken on a camera that costs £4k just for the body, and probably at least that again on the lens, you'd hope it would look good. For most people that's a tad unrealistic. The videos I get on my 500D at 720p/30fps look very pretty, until everything moves and the focus needs adjusting, at which point it becomes more hassle than it's worth and makes me wish I was using a P&S camcorder.
  7. But it requires a lot of expertise and knowledge (not to mention a vastly bigger financial outlay). I've not come across any affordable dSLRs with real-time auto-focusing on videos, something that's present on all video cameras. For a pro, maybe, but for someone who justs wants to film some stuff and for it to look ok, why would you recommend spending a load of money on complicated gear and having to learn new skills and spend all their time manually focusing when they could spend less on something they can just point around without even trying and get results that are perfectly adequate?
  8. 25 pushing it a bit? Nevermind I feel 17, FWIW
  9. Gotta love the casual racism from Fergie there. "Typical Germans", apparently.
  10. Goal of the seaon right there, methinks.
  11. Don't say that! I would have hoped that the European elections would've helped people realise that using the BNP as a protest vote is a very, very bad idea.
  12. Depends what you mean by decent. It's not going to get you a dSLR with a big range of lenses, but you'll get a very nice compact for that money. I recommend you check out the Panasonic TZ7. It's £199 on Amazon, 10MP and, more impressively, 12x optical zoom, about 4 times as much optical zoom as you'd get on just about any other compact. Picture quality is great, reviews are universally glowing, and it does HD video recording, as well as having a beautifully hi-res screen. Check out these sample shots. You could save £20 and go with the TZ6, which is the same camera but without HD video and with half the resolution on the LCD, but since it doesn't have a viewfinder so the screen is the only way to frame your shot, having that extra resolution is well worth £20.
  13. What's your budget? Nobody can really help without that.
  14. Howdy. I'm new. Can I join in the action on Tuesday? I'm really, really bad and painfully unfit (main reason for joining - well, that and the need for more socialising). If there's a space I'll come down next week. Zo
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