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  1. Re the Independent Tree Panel (ITP) Can anyone explain what was the point of having it? I ask this because after looking at the survey results on the councils website, it shows that for Crawford Road, 57% of residents that responded to the survey voted to keep the trees. This survey result meant the matter was put to the IPT. However, the residents were not informed of the outcome of the survey or that it had gone to the ITP. They were not informed of what the ITP decided or informed that the trees were to be cut down. The first anyone knew anything was months after the survey when a notice was put on the trees saying they would be cutting them down. I read somewhere on the councils website that the ITP have now finished their work - to look at all the surveys throughout Sheffield. But my question is - What was the point of them if, as it seems, all the trees that were referred to them throughout the city, were still chopped down? Did on any occasion the ITP advise the council that any trees should not be cut down? But only to have the decision over turned by the council. It just seems very undemocratic to me. Can anyone please shed any light on this?
  2. I'm pretty sure the plan is to remove all the trees on Crawford. I accept I may be wrong but I was told it was all of them.
  3. Amey are back on Crawford right now taking the tree at the bottom of the road down. In fact it's probably gone as I type this message. No protestors of opposition to prevent them. I don't know anything about anyone being taken to court over what happened on Tuesday but Amey were cutting down again yesterday (weds) but stopped due to protest. So this is the third day they have been and it looks likes they will continue until every tree on the road is down.
  4. For any one who is interested - Amey are back on Crawford Road right now (2pm) to finish the job.
  5. Re Crawford Road. Amey did a lot of chopping down today and are still at it. They were held up by some protestors who were a mix of residents and non residents of the road. The workers left at one point but returned in what seemed an attempt to catch the protestors off-guard. However, one protestor also came back and is currently inside their barrier stopping any more cutting. I am not saying his action is right or wrong but he certainly has some determination to prevent the trees coming down. I mean to just stand there all on his own with loads of high-viz Amey workers stood around him and filming him while they laugh and joke. It was the same earlier with a lady all on her own doing the same, she jumped the barrier and prevented any work going on. This whole tree situation seems ridiculous to me. It's been so badly handled and it makes the city a laughing stock.
  6. OK right. Can someone from Amey or SCC please come on here and answer this? Why on Crawford Road did two Amey employees come and lay new tarmac around the base of several of the trees that line the road? Yes, the same trees that are now being chopped down right now just several days after putting tarmac at the base around them! A resident told the two tarmac layers at the time that the trees were being removed and pointed to the notice on each tree. The tarmac layer just said "Oh we don't know anything about the trees coming down, I think the tree stuff is all under consultation, we're just carry out orders to fill in holes where they have been marked with the yellow paint." Then they just carried on with the job. So I assume that the worker who previously marked the holes and cracks with the paint, & the 2 tarmac layers, were completely unaware that the trees were due to be removed and the tarmac laying was a complete waste of time and money! Could someone from Amey or SCC please explain why this work was carried out, as it appears it was totally unnecessary? If it was done for some good reason unknown to me then fine. I look forward to your response and detailed explanation.
  7. Thanks for the warning Amey! Just turned up on mass. Loads if them. Banging on doors "Move your car, we're chopping the trees down" No letter telling us that this had been decided. The last we knew it was at "consultation" after residents were asked to complete a "survey" of our views after they had already condemned all the trees. That was months ago, then, on the day of the General Election, Amey came round put notices on the trees. What happened to the consultation??? What happened to giving us any information?? Good old Amey and council, customer service at it's best!!
  8. Does anyone know what is happening with the Gilders Honda showroom at Woodseats? I drove by earlier to see all the cars inside and outside have gone. It all looks closed down. No notices in the windows saying they've moved. Anyone know anything?
  9. i just heard Chesterfield Rd is closed at Meadowhead due to road accident. Anyone know what going on? Is the road closed? Cheers
  10. Hi DiamondGirl firstly it may be that bankruptcy is not for you, so be careful. I agree with previous posts, that you should be careful of who you take debt advice from as there are lots of organizations that will suggest they are independent but are not. Your best bet is to make apt with a CAB or a local independent advice provider such as Woodseats Advice or Heeley. It depends on where you live as some advice centres and CABs; will only see people that live in the area. You may find it a long wait for an appointment as there are many thousands of people seeking debt advice at the moment. When you try to get an appointment make sure you say you need to see a SPECIALIST DEBT ADVISER. some advisers are funded by The Legal Services Commission and can only see people on a low income or welfare benefits. Get things clear before your apt as you may need to provide proof of your income before the adviser can help you. If you have to wait for apt and you want more info to help yourself you can look at the NationalDebtline website which is free and provides template letters to send to your creditors. NationalDebtline also has a telephone helpline. (open in the evenings) If you are really struggling with things and you can't manage any of the above you can come back on here where myself and other can help you. Remember being in debt can make people feel low but thousands of people get through it and there is loads and loads of good free help around. Good Luck:)
  11. Rush Hour is at Heeley Bottom close to Ponsfords and recently reopened Red Lion pub. Anyone tried it recently? Looking to try it but every time I drive past it's almost empty. The board outside says they're doing 2 courses for £7 at lunch time. Have there been any takers????
  12. Went yesterday to free meal preview. It's just like the other waggas in London, decent service, standard food. You can get a chicken katsu in any wagga and will always taste the same. The bench style seating is a model that dosn't encourage a long stay so if you're looking to be in and out it's fine. For a free meal it was great, would I go back and pay £40, I doubt it as there are lots of places doing similar stuff in sheff.
  13. Contact Labour Councilor Terry Fox about it. He's always sending letters to everyone in S8 telling everyone how he's sorting youth/crime issues out. Get him to sort it with Police, if people cant walk about in S8 without fearing this scum then someone needs a bloody good shake. It's this stuff that leads to people taking direct action. If you want to borrow my baseball bat your quite welcome :0)
  14. all stations I've driven past today showing £108.9. Gone up 3p a litre this week. So what we gonna do about it - Nothing, we'll just pay it like all the other over taxed essentials in this country. I think there are very interesting times ahead!!!
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