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  1. I remember walking from Pond St. as a teenager to the Heartbeat disco and walking past the old entrance to the Motorail when an American couple stopped me and asked where the "monorail " was. I must have looked a bit perplexed and they pointed up to the sign, then I realised they had misread motorail for monorail.
  2. There was a Mike Damms who was in charge of the laboratory at Millspaugh in the 60's and 70's. He'd have been in his 40's then.
  3. Likewise echo beach. We had a caravan at Chapel St Leonards, 1957 till 1968 ish and would often stop on the way back at the Bridge inn. Indeed happy and more easy days.
  4. It was opposite side of the road to the Bridge Inn, left hand side going to Skegness. It was stood in a door way on the pavement with a small porch roof above its head.
  5. You're probably thinking of the stuffed brown bear at Dunham bridge on the way to Skegness. I think it was pinched by Sheffield students on a ragweek stunt and never returned.
  6. I hope someone can help with more information/date. Thanks for that Re-enactor.
  7. Thanks, definately around this time though I must have been wrong about the security guard being implicated.
  8. Can anyone recall a wages snatch from a Sheffield company in the late 1970's. The security guard was knocked out but it turned out he was part of plot. Somehow I'm thinking the company may have been Tyzacks but I could be wrong. Just trying to put a date to it .
  9. Tony Currie used to go in with John Hope, I saw them there a couple of times and I wasn't a regualar patron. Wasn't the club owned by one of the large entertainment groups, not Rank but the name escapes me.
  10. That's the one. Somehow presumed they were a Sheffield company, must say the quality was first class.
  11. When I worked at Howsons Allgraphy in Leeds in the 90's you could have a three course lunch, cheese and biscuits, tea or coffee and fresh fruit for absolutely nothing. The firm was making such good profits that they threw in free meals. The caterers were a Sheffield company, the name escapes me and it was good food, Think I put on about 3 stone whilst I worked there.
  12. Blame the so called stars and their agents who charge such astronomical fees to perform. You don't see them on tv unless it's to promote a book/film/song. We could see world class acts every week at the Fiesta or Cavendish, spoilt weren't we!
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