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  1. I hope someone can help with more information/date. Thanks for that Re-enactor.
  2. Thanks, definately around this time though I must have been wrong about the security guard being implicated.
  3. Can anyone recall a wages snatch from a Sheffield company in the late 1970's. The security guard was knocked out but it turned out he was part of plot. Somehow I'm thinking the company may have been Tyzacks but I could be wrong. Just trying to put a date to it .
  4. Tony Currie used to go in with John Hope, I saw them there a couple of times and I wasn't a regualar patron. Wasn't the club owned by one of the large entertainment groups, not Rank but the name escapes me.
  5. That's the one. Somehow presumed they were a Sheffield company, must say the quality was first class.
  6. When I worked at Howsons Allgraphy in Leeds in the 90's you could have a three course lunch, cheese and biscuits, tea or coffee and fresh fruit for absolutely nothing. The firm was making such good profits that they threw in free meals. The caterers were a Sheffield company, the name escapes me and it was good food, Think I put on about 3 stone whilst I worked there.
  7. Blame the so called stars and their agents who charge such astronomical fees to perform. You don't see them on tv unless it's to promote a book/film/song. We could see world class acts every week at the Fiesta or Cavendish, spoilt weren't we!
  8. Sunday was a roast Monday was sunday roast left over fried up Tuesday Pork chops or sausages Wednesday Hash Thursday Meat and potato pie Friday can't remember Saturday lunch Fish and chips and beans on toast for tea. My sister kept this up throughout her married life as well!
  9. Any one recall the "Who can Tell" some where off Petre St. Remember going in there lunch times from the EITB.
  10. Darnall is another that's been hit bad. Rose & Crown closed Wellington closed Halfway Knocked down Duke of York knocked down Industry closed Meadow closed Ball closed Firery Fred knocked down? Terminus open Darnall Green open Horticultural club open Victory club open Kings head open Liberal club closed Albert open Sportsman open Top Monkey (don't know the real name) knocked down Club on Greenland rd (forget the name) knocked down that's 11 from 18 that's gone
  11. It was previously Lowenbrau bier keller, this opened around 1972. The bigger Hofbrauhaus bier keller took its trade and it soon closed with Crazy Daizy taking its place though I can't remember exactly what year.
  12. I was a regular there in the early to mid 70's. Last time I past it just before Christmas it was still standing.
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