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  1. I've just passed my test, and have had lessons with Richard from Martin Woodward for about 5 months. I really can't recommend him enough - I didn't have a car to practise on, so was only getting 1-2 hours worth of driving experience a week and still passed relatively quickly...
  2. Just being curious... can anyone tell me where the ten Starbucks are in the city? I know there's one on Division Street, Ecclesall Road and a few at Meadowhall...
  3. I have a group of friends coming up to Sheffield this weekend and keen to take them out for dinner and a few drinks afterwards (not necessarily at the same venue). We live near Ecclesall Road, so hoping to find somewhere locally. The group are all aged between 23-30, so I don't want to go to a student hang out. The new reviews for Champs haven't been great - what is Menzels like on a Saturday night? What about Nonnas? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone I know there are plenty of posts regarding commutes from Sheffield to Leeds. I'm hoping someone might be able to let me know what the trains are like when travelling in peak times (8am-ish, 6pm-ish). Are they crowded? Do you get a seat? The reason I'm asking is that I'm happy to travel to Leeds every day if it means I can study on the commute. Thanks in advance! Penny
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