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  1. I guy in a mask talks to a woman on a bus. Did anything happen?.. So yes it's a non story and a boring one at that....
  2. There is one man that can sort this episode out... Big Ron Pickering... And not the guy in 'we are the champions'.
  3. Playing Devil's Advocate here. If 2 cars go through a gap and wing mirrors are hit then isn't it 50/50 blame ??
  4. So we have 3 cars who are involved in a very minor collision. Hardly any damage. No persons injured. Instead of moving their cars onto the pavement they proceed to shout at each other on the pavement and leave their 3 cars in the middle of the road. Traffic couldn't move . Does anyone have an ounce of common sense???
  5. Maybe she was trying to find R Whites. SSSSHHH don't tell anyone it's a secret:D
  6. It sounds to me like the Slender Man. You did right and ran
  7. this is the most insane bit of driving on the A57 towards the A1. Speeds of up to 170mph. Mental.
  8. Yes it amuses me when they say they can't afford to eat 5 takeaways a week or buy ten packets of fags a day. Never read the daily mail so guess i'm immune to that comment. 'Real' poverty exists in the 3rd world not here.
  9. Let's throw in a tin of beans costing about 25 pence. Great for Nutrition. 28 tins a week (4 tins a day) and 10 loaves of bread for a family of four. Total cost is £12.50 a week. I guarantee no one will starve and they can still keep their ps4 and flatscreen
  10. I Always amuses me when i see families on television bleating on about how poor they are. But there always seems to be a big flat screen on the wall along with every other gadget costing hundreds. loaf of bread costs 50p
  11. I think most people have no idea of the russian sacrifice during WW2. Over 8 million soldiers on the Eastern Front and 12 million civilians. Without their manpower D-Day would not have happened. They tied up most of the the German War Machine giving the allies a better chance of succeeding.
  12. if you were that good looking then you would have considered this route in your early years and would have been scouted years ago . Most people who think they are gods gift often aren't . My guess your suffering delusions about your appearance. An average joe looking for stardom with nothing else in his life. one of those britains got talent contestants who have zero talent . Yes post a picture and let the masses decide
  13. Some charity shops about 10-15% of their takings go to the said charity. Therefore someone is making a lot of money calling themselves a 'charity' . And even better getting volunteers to do it for nothing .
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