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  1. What is the best drink is it * Beer *wine *spirits *port I would like to know what you think I like a few Beers followed by a couple of glasses of a nice port
  2. Paid to stay at school, nice thought, for the students that is my question would be who would pay for it? I never got paid to go to school and I don't think it should start now.
  3. The best movie I've seen in the past 2 years would have to be SIGNS with Mel Gibson. I'm also a Star Treck Fan so the latest Star Treck NEMISIS. And If you want some good "B" grade movies they wold have to be SpaceBalls and MEET THE FEEBLES
  4. Who thinks the war in Iraq was the right thing thing to do I for one think it was and still do
  5. As a Christian I think your attitude suxs people do things for reasons, you have to look at the why not what there doing for example, why do people take drugs, drink to much to much, it could be emotional reasons, it could be to escape reality, it could be for a number of reasons. As for pedafiles well they should be thrown in prison and the key thrown away. There is one sure thing history repeats itself only we call it progress.
  6. Where does a thought come from? how do we think? does any one know? How does the brain turn those electric currents in the brain into thought?
  7. I believe in God but more for scientific reasons, I could babble on but I won't.
  8. Do men grow out of there toy's or do they just get more expensive. Speaking from experiance I think the latter applies in about 8 years I have owned 4 cars and 4 Moter bikes, I now currently own 2 cars one is a 4 years old and the other is 6 years old, they are both FORD Falcons which is a 6 cylinder car. I just sold a Kawasaki Ninja 600 and am looking to buy another bike. So I think men don't grow out of there toys they just get more expensive.
  9. Mikey I like your style who could forget the girls
  10. If you could have any job in the world what would it be. Mine would be to race cars not rally cars those guys are crazy but to race cars on a proper race track
  11. I beleive in God and that is not through blind belief or faith, it is through science, just one small example of this is the BIG BANG theory, now I happen to believe in the big bang theory. before the big bang there was nothing, no space, no time, no matter, no laws of physics, there was nothing, then from out of nothing formed a primeval atom my question is how can something come out of nothing? It has been proved that something can go go into nothing blackholes for instance do that they suck things in and they become nothing, but something can never be formed out of nothing. That primeval atom must have come from something. Next is the fact that the big bang had to have the exact force, to little force and the universe would have imploded on itself and we would'nt be, a larger force and the universe would have expanded at such a rate that there would have been no matter. It just happened to be the right amount of force. Oh and just to finish things the way our planets are is very unusual most planetary systems that have been found have a sun and then one huge planet next to it ours is completeley different 4 small planets then 2 huge planets. For me there are to many coincidences for it to be a coincidence.
  12. Does anyone know the name of the 2 school's near Vernon Dr in Chapeltown and did anyone go to any of them from 1978 - 1982 as I left in 82 to move to Australia.
  13. Yes they do come at a super price around 300000 thousand pounds. They are actually race cars with a V8 engine pumping out around 620 horse power with a top speed of around 200mph, with only two types of cars a Ford Falcon XR8 and a Holden Commodore, both of them look pretty much like the family cars of them that you can buy over here.
  14. What would you do if you were in a position that you did'nt want to be in, but it was in your interest to stay there for the short term, and you were dying to tell someone, and needed to do something about it what would you do.
  15. Does any know anything about or follow the V8 Supercars in Australia
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