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  1. Brian1941 They sure are good memories to carry with us aren.t they Brian. Margaret
  2. Rosehadi. We never had money for an icecream that I can remember but, somebody would usually have a bag of spice to share- wrapped or unwrapped just pass it along. Margaret
  3. Nigel Did not know they were available, maybe not over here across "the pond". Chances are they would not seem funny anymore. A few years ago I saw a Three Stooges film and could not believe that I ever thought it funny.- Thank Goodness!! Maybe some memories are left unvisited. Margaret
  4. Poppins, We did too- got home quicker that way. I remember the names of the picture houses but, cannot recall which one was where. Just that it was a fun time. Margaret
  5. Robiet, That made me laugh out loud. Do not recall that happening to our gang but, if it did we would have taken it in our stride. Just yelled a little louder maybe. Margaret
  6. Asaw After "Old Mother Riley" died and they stopped making the films I never say one again. I remember being amazed to discover that Kitty was, in real life his wife and not his daughter as in the films. You must be a spring chicken compared to me. Zorro came long after my Matinee days!!...1940's regards Margaret
  7. What were your favorite films as a kid? Does any oldtimer out there remember "Old Mother Riley" "Three Stooges" etc. Didn't we have a good time? collecting empty bottles to take back to the store for the deposit on them. and. if we didn't have enough we could usually count on mom to add the rest. Look out pictures here we come!! Margaret
  8. Redneck I remember Asa Smith being in the parade in the 1940's. We were not in the area in the fifties so do not know how long he participated. Margaret
  9. Poppins Run to the store and stock up. Two weeks ago I called to order from my supplier and she told me that the Ministry of Agriculture Rep had just been and confiscated all the meat products in their warehouse. Even Oxo's. They told her that because of Foot and Mouth disease and Mad Cow the US was not allowing importation of meat products from Uk. Ridiculous, if cooked products are okay for UK residents to eat why are they not okay for us? Guess I must try to smuggle them in next trip I make. Margaret
  10. rogG Good for him- Being a millionaire and living in PEI now that is Heaven on Earth. You are right about the ferry. Is it Point Pleasant Lighthouse on the left as the Island comes into view? The beach cafe near it serves delicious chowder. Am visually impaired now but memory serves me well. Must admit there are dishes I have learned to love in the USA too. Margaret
  11. rogGI have lived in Pennsylvania USA for almost fifty years and still miss a lot of the foods from home.There is an import shop I can get things from but, no meat products are allowed in the USA. You live in one of my most favorite s places on earth, but must admit driving on the Confederation Bridge scares the daylights out of me. Margaret
  12. My mom had a newsagency shop on Main Street Handsworth in the 1940's. My older brothers had to deliver papers before they went to school- don't think they liked that. She sold the shop to my aunt and uncle the Stanbra;s and they were there for quite a few years. It was nice being so close to High Hazels Park. Hd some good roly-poly hills there. Margaret
  13. I watched the parade in the 1940's and Asa Smith was the colorful character we looked for back then. Does anyone else remember him? Margaret
  14. Hi Lazyherbert That is a perfect description. Are you sure you did not live at our house? Don't forget a nice mug of tea to wash it down. And of course, the bread was tosted on the fire. Margaret
  15. Bushbaby I relived it all. Thanks for the wonderful memories Margaret
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