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  1. My brother in law is massive, I wouldn't dare say no to him.
  2. I don't know about 50, but I'm 40 next week and it's terrifying! Seems like such an "old" number. I recall being a bit down when I hit 30, but 40 seems to signify the end of youth and the transition into middle age. Don't give me the "life begins at 40" nonsense, that's just something 40 year olds say to try and feel better about it!
  3. Charlton have been having their "blip" recently, which people had been saying all season will happen eventually. Fortunately for them it's when they've been well clear at the top so it hasn't brought as much pressure and uncertainty. The gap has certainly narrowed, and could narrow further still, but they should have enough points in the bag to still go up quite comfortably. I honestly don't think they've been much better than the three clubs below them over the course of the season, but they've certainly had bigger slices of luck with a lot of late goals in their favour - I remember Boxing Day for example, with Wednesday just behind them we were a goal up at Walsall going into injury time, whilst Charlton were level wherever they were, Yeovil possibly, having been a goal behind. Wednesday somehow conceded two goals from nothing to lose 3 points, and Charlton snatched a late late winner to open a gap.
  4. The only purpose that Cleethorpes has ever served for me was a convenient place to dump the wife and my toddler for a few hours whilst I went to watch Wednesday play at Grimsby, therefore I was able to successfully claim that we'd had a proper family day out.
  5. Utter nonsense, and ouija boards have never been banned. I bet you believe everything you see on Most Haunted as well.
  6. So because there were a minute percentage of the 18,000+ people who were at the game on Saturday parking illegally, all of them get tarred with the "typical selfish football supporter" brush? I guess that makes you a typical Sheffield Forum whinger...
  7. He was a bit like Warhurst. Apart from the lack of pace, agility, or football capability. I remember Graeme Lee playing up front for us once, but that was when we had a complete lack of strikers. Preston playing that lump up front when they had Hume and I think also another striker on the bench was bizarre.
  8. Anybody wanting to sign Madine this summer would have to stump up a substantial transfer fee. Which rules out any chance of him going to the Lane...
  9. I've done driving holidays around the Western USA several times, including parts of the old Route 66, but it's not really as glamorous as you'd think. The bits that pass through small towns and villages are crammed with tacky and gaudy Route 66 souvenir shops.
  10. Seems like distinct waste of resources to have in in the armed services in the first place then, if they've got to give him extra protection whilst he's working! Fair play to Harry and William for actually doing something useful unlike much of the rest of the family, but they shouldn't receive special treatment for doing the same job as others.
  11. I've sold a few things on here, but every time I've had people making some ridiculous offer, even if you clearly state that the price isn't negotiable. I swear if you tried to sell a Bugatti Veyron on here for a tenner, somebody will offer you a fiver for it.
  12. I bet you it doesn't happen, you can pay me in 2013 if you like. The guy was probably one of the same nutters who were convinced that the world would end on 1st January 2000.
  13. Sorry, I forgot what some of them are like! I don't post on here much these days, it's difficult to have a sensible debate.
  14. We won't let him go out on loan without somebody else coming in, can't go the rest of the season with only 3 strikers at the club when we're challenging for promotion. What we really need is a younger, quicker version of Lowe who can finish more than one out of every six good chances he gets, but strikers like that don't tend to be let out on loan at this stage of the season.
  15. No, not really! During stoppage time last night Walsall made 2 substitutions plus there was an injury delay, and we scored just under a minute over the indicated 4 minutes. Against Huddersfield there were no subs, no injuries, yet Deadman seemingly decided to add another 2 minutes on top of the indicated time for no apparent reason.
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