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  1. Good night tonight - Paul Sinha at the Lescar, Rhod Gilbert at the Lyceum and Sean Hughes at the City Hall. Shame that I can't see them all!
  2. Murph

    The Wire, alas no more.

    Brilliant show, I think the main reason most people haven't seen it is because it's tucked away on a tiny channel as the major networks won't touch it with a bargepole. Best way to get into it is buy the DVD box set, and then just gorge on it for a weekend. Still can't quite believe that Dominic West (McNulty) is from Sheffield! As for the Sopranos, I thought the ending was great, but I can see why it's split opinion. Season 6, although not quite up there with the heights of season 3, was still brilliant.
  3. The Last Laugh at the Lescar does regular open mic spots on a Thursday - Toby who posts here runs the club and should be able to give you more information.
  4. Murph

    Music Venues - Guardian article

    I'm surprised the Plug's not there. I presume that's the same David Dunn who writes for the Star? Good work!
  5. Every fibre of being in my body is telling me not to laugh at that. It's failing. *guilty chuckle*
  6. Lol, so the ground moved for you guys as well then....
  7. Same in Headford area! Whole flat shook! Jeez, that was scary!!
  8. Murph

    Prison break restarts, when?

    It's definitely on in the US on the 14th Jan, and the last 5 episodes that were filmed before the writer's strike will be shown. Then, that's the lot until the strike is resolved. On 21st Jan on Sky 1 if you don't watch in amazing download-o-vision.
  9. Murph

    Sean Bean- any goss on him?

    A mate of mine saw him in a pub in London a few months ago. He was with a group of workmates and Sean sent his friend over to one of the more attractive girls to say "Sean really likes you and would like to buy you a drink"! The girl replied with "if he likes me that much, he can come over here and talk to me himself"! To be fair to Sean, he did come over and talk to her then (but didn't pull her apparently so it's that juicy a bit of gossip...)
  10. Murph

    The Street Episode 5

    Yes, it was the Fratellis and called Whistle For The Choir.
  11. Murph

    Powercuts people?

    Power cut here in the Headford area for about 2 mins at 6.45pm. I've got no candles in so hope it doesn't happen again!
  12. Murph

    End of the Lescar as we know it.

    I emailed the brewery about this last week, but haven't even had a reply. Shocking news.
  13. Murph

    Fopp on Division Street closed.

    Yes, Fopp is no more. Looks like they made a major mistake buying Music Zone. Very sad, one of my favourite record shops to pick up a couple of bargains was Fopp.
  14. Murph

    Affected areas questions

    lol no, I don't have a car! PS Glad you got home safe Becky.
  15. Murph

    Affected areas questions

    That's what I thought - think I'll rearrange the course, it's not so important. Thanks :-)

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