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  1. Greystones Hall for many many was occupied by Telephone Rentals (TR) as a regional office. I worked there from 1981 to 1986 when it was sold to the people who turned it into a care home. If I recall TR were in there for years before I joined - may have even be pre WW2. I think at one time it was also a vicarage, and I am certain it was for the cathedral. There were stories that it was haunted by a former vicar who hung himself from one of the landing banisters - not sure how true that was but I heard it from one of the cleaners who came in after hours - I was working late one night and came down the staircase - she was hoovering the landing opposite - when she turned and saw me (white shirt and light grey suit) sh nearly had a fit - after she had calmed down she told me the story and said that the cleaners would work in pairs but the other girl had called in sick so this night it was a solo effort......... It was a listed building when we were there as I also remember a new ladies toilet being installed and the work that had to be done inside to keep within the regs made it a very expensive job ---------- Post added 03-12-2017 at 14:42 ---------- Now a fancy apartment block - quite a few alterations been made, in fact the apartment in this Estate Agents advert used to be the warehouse and workshop....but the picture of the entrance hall is exactly as I remember it, all these years ago - perhaps the listed regulations are still in force http://www.bloorandco.co.uk/property-item/Apartment-1-Greystones-Hall-Greystones-Hall-Road-Sheffield-S11/
  2. The Deerstalker in Stannington had a Sing a Long pinball in the early 70's
  3. This thread on the other Sheffield site....it wanders about a little , but has some names that you may recall .. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-39477.html
  4. Mama Cass "its getting better" played at the fair in Hillsborough PArk in 1969 - was either the Speedway or the Waltzer - met my first serious girlfriend - walked her home and then the rest of the way on cloud nine - even now can remember the feeling of joy having met an angel
  5. Sorry Colly- dont know if you will see this as it is so late - Mum and Dad and sisters lived at no 20 for about 35 years upto mum dying in 2009
  6. Had our wedding reception there March 1980 - absolutely brilliant - well looked after
  7. I may be wrong but I thought Redgates bought Wilson and Gumpets at some point - or have I missed reading that in the thread?
  8. Wow - there's a blast from the past!! We lived on St. Phillips Road in the 50's and early 60's and this was one of my Dad's and Grandads regular haunts. I have vague memories of being sat in the car on the way back from Dad's works on Harvest Lane whilst the old man popped in for a 'livener'
  9. Was this the same John Ellis? - big lad, blonde hair and specs - his parents had a corner shop in Walkley? I have no news of him but use to knock around with him at Myers Grove, so what you have said re his DJ work has been interesting - thanks
  10. I went to Myers Grove up to 69 and am certain it was in place by then
  11. I thought at first this was just England, but it says the UK - there are/were one or two bars in Glasgow which were a bit scary - certainly back in the 70's when i was up there.
  12. Just had to join in this thread as it has bought back so many memories. Like most lads entering their late teens back in the late 60's we seemed to have cash and no problems getting jobs - so quite a few of us had cars - heaven bless the Escort and the Cortina. Usually at the weekend would find us down the Hope Valley - but just cannot for the life of me remember the pubs - but we would stop off at Hathersage, Bamford and either off to Yorkshire bridge and Ladybower, or carry on up the valley to Edale - the Nags Head I remember - where on a summers evening was the strangest mix of customers - hiking and climbing types all bearded smoking funny smelling pipes, or the posers with their flash cars and gorgeous birds - and then us - we just soaked up the atmosphere, and the booze and the lovely looking women! on a couple of occasions we ventured further afield and ended up in Peak Forest and Sparrowpit - and now I hope someone can help me memory, because I am sure around that area was a pub - a free house - and the bar was jammed with different beer pumps - apparently the landlord kept all the barrels in an old barn or something - parties of blokes from Manchester used to drive up there and start at one end of the bar and see how far they could get before collapsing - a bit like beer festivals today! - I know I am not dreaming but cannot remember the name or exactly where it was Happy happy times
  13. Elmambo - I was born into a shop just up the road from Melias on St Phillips Road and I can clearly remember my Dad cutting cheese with a cheese wire, patting portions of butter from large blocks and weighing sugar into blue bags.
  14. Hi Was just wondering if anyone remembers Melias Food Shops - the one I knew, back in the 50's was at the junction of Port Mahon/Meadow Street and St Philips Road, diagonally opposite the old chapel Going in there - wonderful smell of fresh food, I think they were mainly butchers but I could be wrong about that - but food not in packets, hence the aroma and i am sure sawdust on the floor That was the only one I knew but some little bell is ringing in my my head saying that they were part of a small chain of shops across the town - or am I wrong? Given the time it was pulled down to start the 'building' of the Ponderosa then it would have been gone around 1960 so its going to need old fogeys like me in their 60's to remember it well I guess ---------- Post added 10-02-2016 at 12:41 ---------- update to my own post - just searched on picture sheffield (which I should have done first!) and it came up with two shops, other than the one I knew. One at Tinsley - the other in Chapeltown, so I am guessing there were more - and if so - what happened to them?
  15. I remember as a lad walking past the old Corn Exchange before it were pulled down in the early 60's - most of if was burned out in the late 40' s and never built back, shame cus it looks like one hell of a building http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s02751&pos=36&action=zoom&id=6378
  16. Yep - that was the place - I didn't say that the house was there - just the ruins of one that must have been there at one time - I distinctly remember the old fireplace and evidence of walls etc- but no structure as such ---------- Post added 10-12-2015 at 23:06 ---------- Just found an old map of Sheffield on the pictures Sheffield Site: http://www.picturesheffield.com/maps.php?file=033 You can move the map around and zoom in etc - the house is on the map -called, appropriately, Crookesmoor House. ...should have rattled the old memory box a bit harder - I did some research on this back in 2007 - sorry to have wasted people's time this is what turned up back then...... "Crookesmoor House built and occupied by Henry Elliot Hoole of Green Lane Works fame, he was Lord Mayor in 1842 and Master Cutler in 1860 in its' later years it was divided into flats and now the area belongs to the university."
  17. Back in the 60's when I was a young teenager we used to play in the grounds of what used to be a very large house. This was on the corner of Crookesmoor Road and Conduit Road. I now notice from Google Streetview that this is now the site of the Sheffield university Management School In its day the house would have been huge - I can just recall playing in the ruins of one of the fireplaces, and there being stone steps in several places. Great place to play war games etc as by that time woodland had taken over Can anyone shed any light on this old building please?
  18. Alex - this is Mark Melluish - I dont know if you remember me but let me throw some names and see if they stick: Martin Dawson, Heather Shepherd, Keith Pursehouse, Joan Wing, Denise Pass, Steve Foster, Paul McMullen, Ken Lockwood, Beryl Cooper, John Taylor, Tim Metcalf, Lyndsey Billard, Roger Travis (RIP), Vera Blyth, James Flannery, Chris Shaw, Stephen Bower, Liz Trower, Susan Davidson, Anne Tomlinson, Dave? Seaton Missed so many but sadly the memory is letting me down now
  19. Hi OK Nellie Melluish was my Grandmother - Edward Melluish was my Grandfather. My father (their only son) was Nelson Melluish, his wife Margaret Melluish I am Mark Melluish We all lived together at the shop - until it was pulled down around '62 when we moved to another shop on Addy Street - that was the one referred to in a previous post The link below is a picture of the shop on St Phillips Rd http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s19225&pos=5&action=zoom&id=21774
  20. Ha - and I thought I had seen all the pics of this area - thanks hillsbro. The first lamppost on the left is where I spent the first ten years of my life - no...not on a lamppost but in the shop that was on the corner before it got pulled down
  21. Its not modernisation that goes too far, but simple, unadulterated, greed my friend - wins every time.
  22. I remember in the early 60's my cousin and his best mate used to pop into ours on their way into town on a Saturday night. Incredible suits, spotless shirts and shoes and smelling cool with cologne etc. As a young ten year old all I could do was wish when I was old enough to dress up like that and 'do the town' Sadly by the time I reached the age when it was my turn, denim had started to make inroads into the dress code, or just a pair of trousers and shirt, no suit etc. This post has just bought a load of memories back and the smell of Aramis is now haunting me
  23. If you do a quick search on this site - you will find the answer. I too remember the gate and how spooky it was - it is the entrance to a tunnel that eventually leads to the bottom of the shaft that is next to the old bowling green near the boating lake. That shaft used to have a high circular stone wall built around it, but that was pulled down some time ago and a locked hatch put on top. Apparently the tunnel was also used as a storage area for the barrage balloons that were flown and anchored on the Tip (now Ponderosa) ---------- Post added 12-04-2015 at 21:12 ---------- If you go to Pictures Sheffield and search for Mushroom Lane and/or Blythe Street you can see the gate
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