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  1. i am trying to do my own website for a business venture just need some help and advice and feedback to see what people think http://www.m-techgadgetrepairs.co.uk/ thanks all comments will be appreciated
  2. i have been out of work for six weeks and thinking about starting my own web design business i have created a site obviously it is not finished i would like your opinions and view on what it looks like. i will take on board your help advice and critiscms on board thhanks http://www.webdezigneyre.co.uk
  3. have you tried head cleaning or nozzle check if I remember should be located on the right hand side in the task bar right click it and do nozzle check or head cleaning
  4. should be able to get it done for around £20
  5. have you tried fonefun shop at handsworth
  6. hi you are looking at around £150 to replace the screen £100+vat just for the lcd screen
  7. to all that know me personally you will know that i would never not try my best to repair any job that i have taken on and would never not return a property not belonging to me.for the last seven weeks i have been constantly at the northern general hospital where my mother has been seriously ill with cancer. and unfurtunately died on friday. as a result of this my business has suffered. to anyone that has genuinely brought any work into me i will have got your property at home as i have made a habit of bringing work in progress home with me for easier access.anyone wishing to contact me my mob. no is 07592952693 email address p.mtrading.uk@googlemail.com if i dont answer my phone plz leave a voicemail and i will get back to you as soon as possible plz stop the malicious rumours at this sensitive time Thanks Mick P&M Computers
  8. try ebay i managed to get one for £20
  9. have you tried downloading windows vista drivers these are win 7 compatible
  10. Hi all just to let you know its the updated version of security tool that is going around and can be removed in safe mode with malwarebytes had 8 machines in shop today with exactly the same virus
  11. Hi if you Bring it in we do a free diagnostic could be a number of problems
  12. hi the bottom screen will cost you around £25 to fix
  13. Hi you can pick new laptop drives up for around £30-£40 depending on size of hardrive and then you need to re-install windows and drivers which takes around an hour to day and would recommend you to do the updates as well
  14. try phonefunshop at handsworth S9 they charge about £10 Done in less than ten minutes hardly worth hassle of doing it yourself for the sake of a tenner
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