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  1. Assuming that you are not thinking that the discussion above related to average speed cameras, the answer to your question is that it depends ...
  2. Yes, when a flat tyre is mostly avoidable - in my daily experience, drivers checking their tyre pressure is low priority and rarely done. “my car tells me...” - some tech is really good, other tech is not, depending on what level of tech. Drivers question and know little about the tech they have and, with that, are unaware of its limitations.
  3. Indeed, but they often babysit until someone else turns up to help out.
  4. Any such notices can only be taken down when they have had “eyes on”, I was told. Hence they can be on for a while - you get what you pay for and if the teams are tied up with hapless motorists who have a predictable (and mostly avoidable) flat tyre ...
  5. 17 minutes is awful when compared to the boast made by HA/HE to be able to respond within a 20 second to 2 minute window because of the MIDAS technology. Typically, they talked about the newest laser tech on the M25 that isn’t in most of these m/w’s but failed to mention (and educate anyone about) MIDAS. If we knew about MIDAS, we might be able to make good use of it in some events. The Ilkeston control centre the covers M1 north to J30, A38 to an unknown point, A42 to the M42 and M1 south to the A14 has a day shift of 4!
  6. A simple google reveals we have 2200 miles of which 200 are “smart”. So over the 5 years in question 200/38 = 5.26 miles of “Smart” per death. As opposed to 2000/450 = 4.85 miles of traditional m/w’s per death. What’s driving the “smart motorways aren’t that smart” agenda? Drivers’ realisation of their own failings?
  7. I hold no brief for smart motorways so please don’t interpret any of my comments in that way. As a driver trainer, I don’t see breaking down as a random event (“it was my turn to break down today”, nah) or accept driver excuses at face value for not seeing a broken down vehicle. Furthermore, on all types of road, I see broken down motorists and their families standing in dangerous positions ... But, having been in a HA control centre at Ilkeston, I’m wondering just how this “increase in near misses” (strange term) can be substantiated by evidence before and after the introduction of smart motorways.
  8. Indeed, 38 in 5 years out of a quick estimate of 450 in total on all motorways in the same 5 years. (I haven’t looked at every year’s figures but m-w deaths are at a 5-6% level of the total (whole is around 1750-1790). 2017 saw 99 die on motorways) ... but there’s a lot more detail to come out of all of this, far more than just numbers for anyone to take a view on relative safety levels. for starters, the hard shoulder is the most dangerous lane of all lanes ... why is that?
  9. I thought bombing an international airport in Iraq and killing an Iranian no.2 was a measured, well thought-out move. What could possibly go wrong? Surely the Iraqis and Iranians, who don’t get on, couldn’t make use of a joint enemy, could they? ... and, of course, it won’t lead to more Westerners being attacked and killed in different parts of the globe ...
  10. Ah, the good old days when there were three lanes: one on the left side, another on the right side - the one in the middle? How about suicide?
  11. What the comparison sites don’t take into account is what happens road-side, I was told. Getting you towed home or to a garage is fine (for you then to shell out some more money). Getting the problem fixed roadside (I.e. not just towing you somewhere) and being actively monitored by your company against such KPI’s is what marks out the best roadside assistance companies from the also-rans. As with everything else, you get what you pay for.
  12. Use all the available lane space, slow together, zip merge. take the winner/loser emotion out of it, collaborate. the roads are lousy battle-grounds.
  13. Indeed, the number of traffic cops has been reduced considerably - one of the many memorable “achievements” of this current crop of MP’s. Indeed, they don’t cover “traffic” as they used to. who to blame? They’ve just been voted back in.
  14. Parking was decriminalised years ago - it’s the Council that enforce parking (with just a few exceptions). Easy cliché Pretty remarkable deduction. Do you follow blue lights to their destination and therefore know this to be true. ... thought not.
  15. Yes, that may be the case - but there was never an age when all drivers knew or abided by the law. Still, that keeps me in work!
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