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  1. I've just discovered an ancestor of mine, Sarah Fisher b 1850, died at 12 Springfield Mill House 9 Apr 1915. Has anyone any idea where this is please?
  2. Hello. I noticed some time ago that you were collecting second hand books. Can you make use of any more? I am having a clear out.
  3. I checked the link which Beemerchez had kindly posted (above), and Govt websites, and my mum definitely doesn't qualify for any other help. However, have a good look through, as it might not be the same in your case.
  4. What is a Chinese tower? Sorry if I'm thick
  5. Thanks for that, Beemerchez. I'll have a browse.
  6. My 85 yr old mum is receiving Attendance Allowance to help with her care needs. She is becoming increasingly less mobile and I was checking if there were any mobility benefits she is entitled to. Apparently, she is too old to apply for DLA, which has a carer's part and a mobility part. Does anyone know if there is another benefit which pays for help with mobility, please.
  7. Obviously 71p for a pint of milk is relatively expensive, but having it delivered actually saves me money ... if I had to 'nip out' for some milk, I would be tempted to buy more stuff. It also keeps my milkman in a job. I know it's old fashioned to have milk delivered to your doorstep, but I'm from a family of milkmen/diary farmers and feel I'm doing my bit to help keep them in business. In fact, I now try to buy 'British' whenever I can, to keep Britain in business
  8. Of course we all care that servicemen and women have died, doing their job by fighting a shocking war against terrorism. Lots of innocent people have died or been injured too. If you really don't care if members of Bin Laden's family are innocent, then you are just as bad as the extremists who think we are all infidels. Don't tar everyone with the same brush, matey!!
  9. Eh up mate! THINK about what you are saying? Seriously ... think it through! 'All his family' are not guilty of his crimes, and I'm pretty certain that the majority of his family did not agree with his principles.
  10. Anyone know a window cleaner please? For my son's house on Warminster Road, Norton Lees.
  11. Does anyone even know his name? Maybe you could ask in the shops next door. Good luck. ... sorry, was posting at same time as yellowperil
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