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  1. Whats the E&W if you don't me asking? Cheers for the the posts guys!
  2. Hiya guys very weird request. but does anyone have any photos (whether you're on them or not), having a photo took outside sheffield's Bar & Grill at Leopold square. I basically need to do a comparison of it now (troperio) and then. hope someone have something shufferling about. ps any photos from outside with signage Kind regards Luke
  3. Cheers, i've managed to source a solicitor to do one after ringing loads up Its so much easier to get this done in Australia, they have JP officers scattered around the city, all day till 7pm, you walk in, sit down, sign, done, and its free. thanks tigger
  4. Hi I'm wondering if anyone knows where i can get a Statutory Declaration witness signed, as I've had to write a statement to the Department of Immigration Australia, and they wish for it to be witness signed. I've rang up a few solicitors and they've said they don't do it :S so does anyone know where I can go, pay £5/£10 and get it done with ease, in Sheffield. Kind Regards Luke
  5. S9 Area too, thats the 4th time now in about 30min, u can tell wen its going off too, lights will flicker! get that kettled bottled before hand ---------- Post added 29-07-2013 at 01:47 ---------- thats 6 times, its getting ridiculous
  6. Hiya Looking to get my macbook air fixed because i spilt water on it. Its not under warrenty anymore, ive took it into apple, who looked at it and told me i need a logic board n new top case. Theyve quoted me a price inwhich they want an arm and leg for it. Does anyone know of a mac laptop repair shop on sheffield who wont over charge me? Thx for reading Luke
  7. Obviously not just myself, proof was in the pud pal. not at the moment, where's it for if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Do you work at London Club?? hmm anyway, i were sous chef for the last 7 weeks of bar n grills life. Me n my Head Chef Kicked ass, Organised to a Tee, very rarely food came back. Doubled sales on a weekend...... just too damn late.. life goes on, onto the next.
  9. Hey Guys I'm thinking of doing my Class 2 - Hgv Licence. Does anyone know any places in sheffield or close by eg, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Barnsley. Which provide this training. Cheers Lukescotty
  10. Hiya Just been made redundant last week so i'm looking for a quick career change. Currently work as a chef (for the past 8 years) and i'm looking into doing parcel delivery, self employed. Am just wondering if theres any one on here who can give me the know-how about this type of job. I'm used to long hours and working weekends, I usually rack up 60 - 65 hours per week. And i was thinking of selling my car, buying a van and doing delivery driving. Anyone in this industry? Thanks for reading Regards Lukescotty
  11. Hiya, does any know of a decent butcher around the meadowhall area?? the one on darnel which i used to goto seems to be closed. and the one at the top of eccy road is a bit too far for some meat regards lukescotty
  12. Wicked, I honestly thought i was going to get aload of abuse with this thread. It just shows how many bars and clubs there actually are in sheffield and i can't understand why its gone down hill in the last 3 years. IMO its starting to go back up, this list was to help me gather as many bars and clubs to create http://www.talknightlife.co.uk << automatic tweets posted from most of the bars and clubs in sheffield. Sign up!! Its new, so bare with it Regards Lscott
  13. Hiya guys, I'm trying to put together a list of all the bars and nightclubs in sheffield, i was wondering if you guys could list me as many as you can, hopefully without missing any: heres what I have so far Vodka Revolution Revolution de cuba players bar soyo cavindish tiger bar 22 swimINN varsity cubannas Bedroom crystal viper rooms embrace Please add to my list Regards Luke
  14. The idea would be this... a website could be set up, with all people of sheffield signing up, with their email address. when a certain amount (an amount which could make a difference) of people have joined. Then an email would be sent out, saying, dont buy from eg BP on a certain week. to make an example. If it effects them, then saying to them to lower prices of it'll get boycotted again. till it lowers, then targetting a different brand of petrol station... Or do guys still think it would not work, and have to be targetted in the whole of the uk. so if 'most' people in the uk was up for not buying from a certain company am sure it would make a difference. People is power, all the other countries do the same when there not happy................
  15. Hi People of sheffield, Straight to the point, if a certain someone was to set up a boycott on a petrol stations company (well the most expensive) in sheffield for a particular day or week, how many of you guys would be up for it to see if we can make a difference and drive these petrol prices down... i've put a poll on to find out regards lscott
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