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  1. Yah, doesn't look good from my position overlooking Dronny bypass.
  2. It's difficult to. There aren't that many people in the world that have that little knowledge. Be comfortable in your uniqueness.
  3. Possibly one of the most fatuous remarks I've read on an online forum for a long time. How many people now work within walking distance of their home.
  4. Hi, Anyone know of any pallet storage space/warehouse space available? It's really just an overspill that we can't cope with so can be 5 to 30 pallets at a time though an the most common requirement is around 10 or so, and generally held for 1-2 weeks at a time as we work through them. As mentioned it may suit a mid sized courier/haulier as there are also transport requirements to go with. You would certainly need a forklift in anyway, but ground level storage for quick access is fine. Cheers R
  5. Just wondered if anyone is prepared to help me out progressing to a larger project. Currently I do socks; nice and portable, cheap, fairly quick even for a slow one like me and mistakes are generally hidden. My oldest daughter is I think unlikely to change a great deal in body shape now so I wouldn't mind having a go at a sweater for her, but never having done anything quite so large, I find it a little intimidating. It's not likely to be an immediate requirement as such since I have few pairs on socks on the go (one in the car, one in front of the telly, one in bed etc), but it would be nice to know there's someone willing out there. I can make it out during a daytime meet or an evening meet, makes little difference to me since I'm self employed. Not much else to add - not a complete novice clearly, just a little unsettled at the though of spending £50-60 on wool and getting it wrong. I suppose I'm a bit of a novelty though, since I'm a bloke. Cheers Rob
  6. Can't speak for Eckington, but Dronfield isn't too bad; well I would go out in the car if I felt the need (and did this morning when it was at its worst).
  7. 10"-12" in S18, so it does seem to be very localised in some instances. I can certainly believe 8".
  8. Was moving about 15 minutes ago, but given how it's coming down in Dronfield at the minute I would steer clear.
  9. I can't see a compelling reason to travel to Peterborough whatever the weather, and I was born there. Good decision!
  10. Sounds about right. Grit only really works if there's less than a couple of inches of snow; don't think there was a great deal that could be done given how quickly it came down. We're not really geared up for it here and it would cost too much to be prepared for these rare occasions.
  11. Wrong time of year to be buying them really, you will pay through the nose now. I have these: http://www.klebertyres.co.uk/gb/The-Range/All-season-tyres/Quadraxer Put the front two on around July, rears went on a couple of months ago. I live up an old farm track, probably about 1 in 3 in places, certainly 1 in 4 most of the way. Uneven stone surface, not tarmac. Yesterday, I managed to get up the hill after the snow had come. Felt like it as going to lose traction in a couple of places, but each time it just gripped again. Previously if there's snow, I have always been unable to get to the top of the hill. They're an all season tyre that gets the snowflake rating, so I don't need to run two sets. Got them from here: http://www.tyres-pneus-online.co.uk Genuinely surprised at the difference they make. They were about £50 a corner (local garage fitted them for £5 a corner), took a few days to arrive from the continent. You can get dedicated winters cheaper than that (less than £40 if you look hard enough), but I can't be bothered to run two sets. Taxi drivers recommended these for longevity and winter grip, and I guess they should know better than I.
  12. Dronfield bypass - I can't say that I've seen it, but I can certainly hear traffic driving along it this morning. Don't want to venture too far out as it's cold out, but I live about 60 meters from it.
  13. I've got seven or so pallets 1000x1200. Some are heavy duty, others are slightly lower quality. Certainly good for firewood for a few days, and most are probably good enough for some garden projects/shed floors etc. I can possibly deliver in some areas of south Sheffield. PM or reply in the thread.
  14. Just after an idea of costs to buy one property at 160k and sell current property at135k. I have someone I'm already content to use on the basis of service just want to check the price is OK. I realise I could ask other solicitors, but anecdotally someone should have an idea.
  15. that may be so, but there is a reason asked for ones open Sunday. If I can't sort it tomorrow though I'll have a look at SDL come Monday
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