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  1. hi there...well i never got to play with deep purple...met em tho!! Was i pickled at such a tender age? Damn! Yes i think you are right.....blimey what a time that was!! Who is this i am replying to?....whoever it is...great to hear from you! Thanks.....dave cx
  2. blimey thought id got away with that one! seriously though....long time eh? do i know you? dx
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by The Head Hi i'm Mr Tingle, I was the head at ashleigh for 18 years, any one remember me? I CERTAINLY DO...WELCOME hows tricks...??
  4. yep.my brother Michael and sister Joanne went there as( i did in 1970-1975) ldl fyfe was the headmaster matson and his wife were there too Mr (Sally) hughes was the music teacher..... Used to have brawls with Hurlfield quite often. ahhhh those were the days eh?
  5. Hi there any body remember Bradleys Records one at the moor top and one on chapelwalk? i am trying to contact the owners son HOWARD who used to work there ...He worked both shops. He was a good friend back in the 70s/early 80s...and he was a bass guitar player in various bands ..The Ultimates>was a name i remember.. would love to see how hes doing i have tried and had no luck on numerous occasions to find him. he used to go to school in Edinborough Scotland (Rudolf Steiner) Thanks ...peace dave cx
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