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  1. just heard marcus bent maybe arriving bk at the lane wondered if any1 else has heard anything. hope its true!!!
  2. hope your rite coz i dnt ******* want him
  3. do we want him if beattie goes? me personally... cant stand him!!!
  4. what makes you think your allocation will sell out!
  5. great news!!!! he didnt want to leave in the 1st place! they probably forced him out same as they are with beattie! Welcome back broms!
  6. dont u think its about time all this was dropped!!!!! 1. i dont think he did it deliberatly 2. obviously the ref doesnt (hence yellow card) and 3. the FA obviously dont (hence no further action) sick of hearing it and im sure everyone else is now!
  7. Thats because u wuldn't be able 2 afford our 'rubbish'
  8. only thing massive at wednesday is brian laws big fat head
  9. they cant possibly draw AGAIN so piggys 1 blackpool 3 SUFC 3 Hull 1 Leicester to beat barnsley Coventry to beat relegated colchester Should see wendys return to league 1 Champagnes on stand by
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