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  1. You could also register with all the supermarket baby clubs (tesco, sainsburys,..) - they send out vouchers too plus some magazines with some useful information.
  2. Does anyone have any details please on the Baby/Toddler group at Beauchief Baptist Church or similarly any other groups in the local area? My little one is only a couple of months old and we want to get to know some mums and other little ones in my local area (Beauchief). Thanks loads.
  3. Does anyone know if any swimming pools are running aquanatal classes at the moment?
  4. I am still looking for a local upholstery course. Anyone know of any in Shefffield, preferably an evening course. Thanks loads.
  5. Sale Amount: £50 to ensure good home, including carry box Reason for Rehome / Sale: We took her in as a stray however were unable to find owner. After having her checked for FIV/Leukemia (all clear), spayed, chipped, wormed and vaccinated, we decided to see if we could introduce her, now named Poppy, to our existing cat and keep her. This has not gone well and we are concerned that one of them could get hurt if we continue to try and introduce anymore. As our existing cat only has three legs and finds it difficult to defend herself we decided it wasn’t fair on her and therefore we are looking for a new home for Poppy to enjoy. I am also pregnant and it is really stressing me too. Time Scale – How Urgent?: As soon as possible, as they are both getting stressed, but really as long as it takes to find her a great home. Has the Cat ever been in Rescue: Unknown Location: S8, Beauchief Age & Sex: Approx. 1-2years / Female / Little and Slender Vaccinated & Wormed: Vaccinated (1st only / 2nd due shortly) & Wormed Neutered & Micro chipped: Spayed (the wound has healed nicely, given the all clear by vet, and her fur is growing back nicely) and micro chipped at the beginning of April. Breed/ Mix: Moggy Colour/markings: Tabby, very pretty Long/Shorthaired: Short-haired Live in / Or in and out: In and out, however we have kept her in all the time as our other cat is a house cat and we have no cat flap plus live near a busy road. Used to a cat flap: Unknown Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: Unknown Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: She has a slightly swollen bottom lip at present however it has been checked out by the vet and they confirmed it would go away on its own as it wasn’t infected. Temperament: Very friendly and loves sitting on lap/shoulder, basically wherever she can cuddle up to you. OK with Dogs / Cats: As explained above, she has not got on with our cat, so we would be very keen for her to go to a home without other cats, however with regards to dogs, we just don’t know. Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching: Yes, easily – she will go in of her own accord. Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching: Yes, easily, again loves the attention. Good or Bad with Children: Unknown Dislike of Men or Women: No Housetrained: Yes Any further General Information you can share. We would love to be able to keep Poppy as she is a lovely cat; however it isn’t fair on our other cat or Poppy as we can not give her our full attention when we have to keep them both separated all the time. We are looking for someone, possibly a family, who doesn’t have any existing cats, to give Poppy a great home for life and give her all the attention she deserves. Please PM directly if you are interested in giving Poppy a fantastic home and I can send you a picture. EDIT: Here's a picture of the lovely lady herself
  6. I would really like to learn upholstery and am trying to find out if there are any upholstery classes, preferably an evening course, running anywhere in Sheffield. Does anyone know of one? Thanks loads Lucy
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