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  1. It is now up for auction 5th February. Guide price £5000.
  2. greennigel

    Nick Clegg runs away!

    Clegg should grow some balls and stand up for the city that elected him.
  3. I can't go and have 2 standing tickets.£50 each anyone? PM me.
  4. greennigel

    Happy samhain to all who celebrate it.

    Happy New Year!!!
  5. greennigel

    Maxi priest to be new ub40 singer

    UB40's first album "Signing Off" was actually very good. A protest album against Thatcher's Britain and racism.It all went downhill with "Labour of Love"
  6. greennigel

    Owls Peaceful Protests Planned.

    Wednesdayite do NOT speak for the majority of Wednesdday fans.
  7. greennigel

    Songs whose titles are instructions, requests etc

    Get Down and Get With It - Slade
  8. greennigel

    Funny book titles

    Meat and Two Veg by Jenny Taylier
  9. greennigel

    Name something made out of wood

    Saturn's rings
  10. greennigel

    What are LG phones like?

    Had one for 2 months and its the most reliabie phone I've had,after a number of Nokias.Wouldn't swap it at all
  11. greennigel

    Why The Blades Are The Better Team!!

    2 - 0. TWO - NIL. It still hurts obviously.
  12. greennigel

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Series 4

    Season 6 is to be shown on HBO in september.
  13. greennigel

    Favourite Sitcoms Past and Present?

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is truly the funniest.For those interested HBO are showing a new series in September.
  14. greennigel

    Why do people say "yeh, yeh, yeh"?

    I have noticed this trend too. Also the over-use of the word "random".

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