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  1. _MG_7184 by Daniel Last, on Flickr _MG_7069 by Daniel Last, on Flickr _MG_7108 by Daniel Last, on Flickr
  2. The 'Northern Powerhouse' is generally cited as Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle putting silly little Sheffield in the way of trains to Leeds isn't going to be viewed favourably.
  3. IMG_3484 by Daniel Last, on Flickr IMG_3535 by Daniel Last, on Flickr
  4. You should be able to get Becks Blue in most supermarkets.
  5. Hagg Hill Panorama by Daniel Last, on Flickr
  6. Well, whilst we're on the nighttime driving bugbears: 1. When stopped in traffic, once there is a vehicle stationary behind you... Take your foot off the brake and apply the handbrake. 2. When stopped by a red light at a traffic light junction, turn your indicator off until the light goes green and you being to move forwards... there's no need to be dazzling the person behind with a blinking orange light. Both covered by Rule 114
  7. This is incorrect. You can choose any GP practice that will accept you.
  8. Obligatory sky light explosion pictures Afterdark 2015 by Daniel Last, on Flickr Afterdark 2015 by Daniel Last, on Flickr Afterdark 2015 by Daniel Last, on Flickr
  9. Save your money, it's nonsense http://archive.randi.org/site/index.php/swift-blog/1791-kinesio-taping-the-latest-sports-fad.html
  10. It could, but a paramedic takes 2 or three years at university to train. A police officer can be on the street and active (albeit not a full constable) within 6 months. In the meantime, the police can help out neighbouring constabularies with short term extra cover, eg riots, protests, etc because it's unlikely to find riots going off at the same time in neighbouring forces... The ambulance service is beyond breaking point, all over, all of the time. Yes, they can send us CFRs, with our 4 days of training, and they can recruit a load more ECAs who have a few months of training to help cover some of the shortfall and try to get to more life threatening calls quicker and get the basics started, but ambulance services need more paramedics... who need more ambulances (at £100-250k each) to transport people in to cover the stack of ambulances waiting at A&E, who can't handover their patient because A&E is full, because A&E can't transfer a patient to an appropriate ward because the wards are full and can't discharge patients to make space because there isn't sufficient post-discharge community care in place. So patients end up getting discharged early without care in place because they're the least 'in need', so they go home, and get ill again, and call an ambulance...
  11. MDMA isn't 'cut'. Due to international clampdowns on the original raw material (sassafrole), alternative, riskier synthesis routes have to be used, which if not done completely correctly, result in PMMA rather than MDMA. It's this PMMA which is leading to a spike in the number of 'MDMA' overdoses as it's is much stronger, but takes about twice as long to kick in than MDMA. As for how often this happens? Who knows, when I used to dabble I followed the chem1st approach of obtaining drugs from nice middle-class student types with good reputations and never had a dud.
  12. In my experience, people tend to have one DSLR for 'proper shots' and a point and shoot camera for when an SLR isn't practical. The obvious exception to this being professional photographers who need a backup in case of a camera failure at a critical moment, eg weddings. Though then you're looking at people with 5D level cameras. If you don't need the bit of cash that the 20d is worth then you might as well keep hold just in case but personally I'd get rid and put the money towards something useful for the new camera.
  13. Bole Hill Panorama by Daniel Last, on Flickr
  14. Went for a little walk down Rivelin Valley this evening, Not entirely happy, I can't seem to get vibrant, poppy, colours without them looking over saturated and ghastly so I've had to go down the moody, desaturated route for now. Rivelin Valley 2 by Daniel Last, on Flickr Rivelin Valley 3 by Daniel Last, on Flickr
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