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  1. Wesfield is really not a place I would consider buying a home. It may have been alright once but it is awful now. The crime rate is very high and it is well known for drug users. Sorry.
  2. Can anybody advise me where to go to set up a web site in Sheffield. Thank you.
  3. Does anybody know what went off yesterday in Gleadless, Sheffield. Between 2PM and 3PM there were 6 police cars, and armed police at the top of Hollindsend Road. They had several un-marked CID cars on all the side roads and the Helicopter was circling above for ages. I walked down Hollinsend Road to collect my son from school and there were even more police around the shops. There were more CID under the subway and armed police by the church. Just interested to here what was happening if anybody knows.
  4. Hi there, I never thanked you for your reply to my post, requiring help with my assignment. I found it very useful. It means a lot that you took the time to reply and for that I am very greatful. Thanks again Luby
  5. I am currently doing a foundation degree in Managing Health and Care Services and have 3 assignments to get done. I am struggling with one in particular and am hoping that someone will have the knowledge to help me. The assignment is Managing Interdisciplinary and Interagency work. The task I most need help with is: Task 1: Write an essay which explains the historical background to interdisciplinary and interagency working. Consider how health and care have worked together in the past, explain examples of good and bad practice. Evaluate most recent policy initiatives regarding collaborative working, making clear the intentions of these policies from the perspective of the government , health and care agencies and service users. Please if anyone can help I have to hand in my assignment on Wednesday 10 th June. Any help will be extreamly appreciated. Thank you x
  6. Thank you so much for everybodies kind replies to my message about the missing bed time bear. It is humbling to realise that there are such caring and empathetic people in the world. Sadly we never found the bear, but we did buy him another to replace it. We made it look well worn by rubbing it and constantly washing it, and we had to chew the hat. His little face was a picture when we presented him with it, saying he must have been hiding in the garage. He truely believes that this is his origional bear and hasn't left his side since they were reunited. Thanks again to everybody who replied to my message, it really does mean a lot. Julia x
  7. This is a plea to everyone in South Yorkshire. Has anybody found a Blue childs teddy bear which says the words 'Bed Time Bear' on its stomach. My 3 year old son lost his comfort bear a month ago and is devestated. He cries for it at bed time and speaks about it every day. The bear is well worn and has a blue body, blue hat and white face and white hands. Please if anybody has seen or found this bear, (possibly at Meadowhall) please get in touch. There is a cash reward !!!! This would mean the world to my son and he would be able to sleep better at night. Thank you Julia x
  8. Hi Does anybody know of any indoor carboot sales in sheffield? Thanks:thumbsup:
  9. I used these recently found them spot on, NO searching for the smallest scratches when you return vehicle and wanting to charge you an arm and leg.
  10. Hi Shane, Thanks for your reply on my forum. Would it be possible for you to email me some examples of work you've done. I'm still at the very early stages of putting my magazine together. Ive got a lot of ideas and am currently working on my business plan to take to the bank. I will be needing a sample magazine putting together to to show them my ideas. Thank you Julia.
  11. I feel very sorry for you Ferret Woman. You must have such an empty, boring and pathetic life. If all you can find to entertain your self is responding negative comments to peoples forums. As a theory of personality, Transactional Analysis provides one approach to how people are structured psychologically, it is also one of the theories of child development. Using Transactional Analysis on you I would predict that you had a very sad childhood. You were probably an unpopular child at school who was bullied and never accepted by the other children. As you got older and your skin thickened to this you probably reversed the role of being bullid to being a bully your self. All I can suggest to you is that you is that you try and drop the negative vibes from with in your self and try being normal. Life is to short to be a bitter, twisted nobody. Go out and get a life that dosent depend on being mean to make you happy. A few tips, Smile, Learn to love your self (because you obviously don't), dont resent other peoples happines (it makes you bitter), get a job (your obviously leading a boaring life and spend to much time at home, try being nice to people (you will gain happiness). Finally cut out the crap you put on peoples forums, you are really starting to bore people with your childish comments. Sheffield forum is all about bringing people in the city together, sharing common interests and having a chat.
  12. Come on Wednesday, dont let us down. Lets hope the blades win (which kills me to say)
  13. Does it live up to the hype? Any one fancy a game on xbox live after 6pm (Gutted got to work, tried getting the day off:sad:) Game tag juslay. Lets get a Sheffield battle underway.
  14. Thank you for your reply i will contact you over the next couple of days to discuss. Thanks again Julia
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