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  1. Thankyou everyone for your replies, it seems the clutch is fine and a new master and slave cylinder are needed....cheers...
  2. Hi all, could anyone suggest a mechanic or garage that may be able to help sort my (i think) flywheel judder problem with my (1980) dolomite...Not sure wether I could just take it to a generic garage or if there may be someone thats used to working on this make of car or classics in general...very grateful for any recommendations ...thankyou.O..
  3. Hi...I have some weekday evening slots at my studio available...nr city centre....Tue,Wed and Fri 7- 10 pm ..Nice space..great sound...Pm me for more details and price...cheers...
  4. We now have the fantastic Black Cat White Cat lined up to play....there is also a raffle where you could win a grand a week for a year....And its only 3 quid on the door check out the music http://www.facebook.com/pages/Floating-Death-Picnic/399131620724 http://www.myspace,com/chloejadesimmons http://www.reverbnation.com/blackcatwhitecat/band We hope you can make it to support this great cause and have a fab time doing it.x.
  5. Safehouse films are a new film co based in Sheff/Barnsley and they have organised a film festival at CAD in Shalesmoor on Sat Oct 22nd...check it out... http://www.wix.com/damianmorter/safehousepicturesuk http://sponduly.org/project/sheffield-film-and-art-festival-2011
  6. My friend has started a film distribution company and has his first screening tonight at the showroom...6.30pm...The Telegraph gave him a centre spread last weekend but got the day of the screening wrong so just to confirm it is tonight....Tue Aug 23rd....cheers For more information go to http://www.ballparkfilmdistributors.com
  7. Hi there.. I have fri night, sat day and night and sun day and night free to rehearse at my studio if anyone needs it...send us a pm and we can chat cheers tron
  8. Perfect space for a band on a wed, fri, sat or sun night....Sharrow area, well reasonable rent...pm me if interested...
  9. And for the rest of the week at 9pm...Sheffield's music heritage from the 70's to the late 90's with Eve Wood's "Made in Sheffield" playing tonight featuring Cabaret Voltaire and the Human League and finishing at the end of the week with The Beat is The Law Pts 1+2 with Richard Hawley, Pulp. Chakk, Hula, Moloko and so many more local musicians... Its a Sheffield thing... http://www.skyarts.co.uk/
  10. Sheffield is featured all next week (1st-5th Nov) on Sky Arts TV with The Beat is The Law Docu part 2 as well as a Pulp Live show from the past and other Sheffield Docu's and films..There is a gig/party/screening This coming week on Tue 2nd Nov at The O2 Academy featuring YONNI...OBLONG...CHLOE-JADE SIMMONS and THE CUCKOO CLOCKS It promises to be a top night ...all welcome...7pm-11pm YONNI were formed in Feb 1996...It all started in a club "The Arches"... The band rehearsed for a few months and played their first gig at The Hadfield Pub in Sheffield in April 96...They recorded and wrote their songs at Epic Head Studio in Sheffield and got into the habit of giggin as much as possible.The best of these gigs were at the infamous Garden St parties and Music In The Sun festivals as well as supports to The Longpigs, Astralasia, Dreadzone and Fundamental in those first few years. In Dec 1997 Yonni were featured on Channel 4's Big Breakfast as housemates of the week.. The band have just returned to live shows and played their first gig in over 5 years last month at Penelopes in Sheffield... At present Yonni are writing and recording the original soundtrack to Damien Morters feature film "Bicycle Day" http://www.myspace.com/yonniville Expect a special performance tonight from the fantastic indie/Post Punk Rockers OBLONG http://www.myspace.com/oblong999 THE CUCKOO CLOCKS are The brainchild of Ex Treebound Story member Paul Infanti and after teaming up with Dj/Producer Sophie Toes They have now developed into a fully fledged 6 peice band who have been building up a sizeable following in Sheffield over the last couple of years....A special acoustic performance from The Cuckoo Clocks http://www.myspace.com/thecuckooclocksuk CHLOE-JADE SIMMONS has the most beautiful voice in town and writes songs that fall into the same category...silky and smooth...you will love her.... http://www.myspace.com/chloejadesimmons £2 on the door folks...
  11. Zoe @ Boomshanka...best belly in town...
  12. The Clench...Oblong..Maraid...Wet Nuns...Orange 38...Death Rays...Ultramegasupadeadly...Lemon Tear Gas...White Cat Black Cat....All fantastic
  13. I have pm'd you, The room is still available, fri sat and sunday nights free too...pm me if interested...cheers
  14. It was a fantastic weekend...the atmosphere was buzzing in our city,the bands were all on it and passionate and for the amount of folk out on the streets and in the bars and clubs and venues supporting the diverse and varied programmes it was a 100% success...shame about 65 days of statics fire alarm nonsense at the uni but thats real life and no one got hurt...Tramlines is so important to Sheffield and for all the doubters and cynics out there, I am sorry that you feel that way..., I witnessed a special event this weekend and for all the hours i spent wandering I only saw good things...
  15. well nice room...reasonable rates... Sheffield 2...pm me if interested...cheers tron
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