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  1. I think the real question is, should the public, many who don't even watch the beeb or listen to it's radio stations, have to pay these wages via their tv licence fees. I think the BBC should be made private not public and licences stopped. I've been paying for mine for years and couldn't tell you the last time I watched a BBC program or listened to their radio. Like most things. It's not what it was and should be put out to tender.
  2. It will be the ones with the least amount of sanctioned claims that get the push. The so and so's they will keep. I hated the attitude of most of the staff towards the unemployed when they took me off long term sick for 3years. Yet it was one of their own that sent me back to my doctor (a different one than the one I had who took a back hander to not stand by his patient). I have now been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. So I have no sympathy with them what so ever. KARMA!!!
  3. My family lived there most of our lives and it was great until the influx of refugees, who have now taken over the area. (Not racist, fact.) I wouldn't live there now if you paid me. Plus if you have a car it's a nightmare to park thanks to the uni buying up most of the buildings and the council making cash out of the "residents parking" con. Try finding out the crime stat's for the area.
  4. I have several 5ltr containers all clean and lots of tubs with lids. Does anyone want them for their allotment/gardening? I am nearer to Hatfield House and Wincobank allotments, so can drop them off if needs be.
  5. This gang of youngsters have been hanging around Shiregreen since summer and have no respect for anyone or anything. I have had them running through my back from over the fence of a neighbour who chased them off after them trying to get into his house. There are usually two girls and three boys, age range form ten to sixteen'ish . Luckily my home is like fort knox. (It didn't stop them fence jumping though. Pity we can only have them 6ft high). They were in ragged clothes a few months ago, now they are in the latest designer clothes and carry the top of the line phones. ????
  6. I recently read a quote in a book. "Austerity, spelt CULL " Just the way the middle class like it, as is proved by most of the posts on this forum. What a wonderful society we have become. Hitler would be so proud.
  7. It's thanks to her and her gov that this country no longer has enough council homes, hense the bedroom tax we now have. Which is a reason so many have taken their own lives rather than live on the streets when they can't afford to pay it out of their £72 per week and get evicted. Just so some freeloader from the EU can have their homes. Nor do we have any mining, steel or ship-building jobs thanks to her. She was the start of the rot.
  8. I think it's time for them NOT to be sold to the general public. We get them going off all year round, but from September onwards to mid January it's awful. Feel so sorry for the animals having to put up with this, They must be terrified. Fireworks have nothing to do with the 5th November any longer, They are just an excuse to make noise. If we have to have them put on public displays ON the 5th Nov. and give the rest of us some peace. I find it ironic that one can't buy a packets of fags until they are 25, yet it seems anyone over puberty can get their hands on fireworks/gunpowder.
  9. Things must have changed since you posted gina. I very rarely have a take out of any kind as I love cooking. But on my way home last evening I fancied a Chinese, so thought I would pop to my nearest it being "Wonderful" on Nethershire lane. What a misnomer that is. I ordered special fried rice and special chop suey. The rice tasted vile and I cannot even describe what the so called chop suey looked like. greasy chunks of stir fried veg and yucky bits of meat with a bit of sauce chucked in. The chap up front said they had a new chef. That's not what I would call him. I only had a few mouth fulls and that was enough binned the rest. The worst Chinese I have ever in my nr 60yrs had. And probably one of the worst meals. Never again. Home cooked or nothing. Cost me nearly £11 to learn this lesson but well and truly learnt now.
  10. Coffee morning today at Park view care home , 9.30 - 12.30 . All welcome. Lots of homemade cakes, tea, coffee,creamy hot choc. We are at the bottom of Sicey Avenue, Shiregreen. Come along and bring a friend.
  11. I'm at Shiregreen and been awake most of the night due to the thump, thump. Had to shut the windows and could still hear it through the double glazing. Just got up in the end as was roasting with no air coming in the house. I can still hear it but other sounds are now subduing it. Why are the council giving licences for these events? The UK have a 11-7 law about noise. We all know not many abide by it but one would think that a council office would. Having said that I guess most of them have their hearing aids turned off so it won't effect them.
  12. No, What right has the courts to go against someones last wishes. I know how it feels to have a parent leave you out of the will (My father left everything to his "seeking a passport" wife of only 14mths ). Myself and my brothers and sisters not a thing. We weren't even allowed to take a momento she chucked all she didn't want in the bin. It would have cost us thousands and still probably not been able to have it overturned and we had a good case. But was told the law on wills is more or less sacrosanct for obvious reasons. Not any more it seems.
  13. NO! But I do pay road tax. ---------- Post added 13-07-2015 at 07:26 ---------- Strangely enough, I actually passed my driving test, I DO know when it is or isn't safe to pass a vehicle:roll: I am always considerate of other road users and I keep well back from any in front of me. This one knew I was signaling to pass but kept moving to the right of the lane then back again and the looking back and grinning. Held up traffic for ages. Then cyclists wonder why drivers get peed off. Just for the record I do have a bike which I use when I go cycling with my grandson. On the cycle tracks.
  14. I don't normally have a problem with them. I do however get annoyed when there is one in front of me going side to side so that I can't pass. A few idiots give others a bad name. The city spent £1000s making all these "cycle tracks" yet most cyclists will ride along side them but not actually use them. That does bug me.
  15. Which they do all the time. They should practice what they preach. We have them hanging around our streets now trying to catch drivers who go above the now 20mlh speed limit. ---------- Post added 04-07-2015 at 08:11 ---------- Leave it to your insurance, they will sort it. keep the cam evidence. The truck ran into you, even if it was your fault (I'm not saying it was, just trying to make a point) he is at fault. there is a scam (mostly down south but been known here) were a car in front starts to move off at say a junction then stops for no reason. They then try to get the drivers who run into them to sort it without going through the insurance and as the law states the driver behind is at fault quiet a lot do and pay out for repairs not even there at the time.
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