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  1. Hi has anyone ever lived on osgathorpe road in firvale or do u know anyone who has lived there? I want to learn a bit more about my road so u know
  2. mel ur gay? wait till i tell ppl on ukcb
  3. theres a garage near city rd called Rosedale Garage on Blagden Rd, their quiet good
  4. theres a shop in burngreave that sell it S A Raja the shops name
  5. here single ready to mingle n all that other good stuff
  6. Hi does anyone know where i can get or go on a course for a health n safety certificate?
  7. Hi do any of you know where i could get some t shirts printed with a business name?
  8. lol thanks for you opinions and i agree tvs is a bit dumb but lets just say if someone was to buy the business what could they do to improve it and bring more customers in?
  9. what if they refurbished it, put in a few tv screens, wud it attract customers?
  10. What do you think of the takeaway in Wicker called Abduls Kebabish opposite Imrans Diner? I think it could be improved a bit dont you?
  11. lmao that was funny lol @ pakistans speech... bloody hell never seen any1 speak so fast
  12. lol tab im sure the men played cricket too and lost
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