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  1. The Sheffield Tax office hasn't been open to the public for about two years now, in fact HMRC closed the last of its 281 walk in enquiry centres in July last year
  2. I had my car broken into on Rippon Road at the top of Holme Lane, two weeks before Xmas. They smashed one of the small rear side windows and got away with my sat nav holder and an iphone lightening cable. They also had a good rummage around in the boot as the spare tyre was lifted right out of its socket. I reported it to the police and they just advised me that unless there is any blood or CDs with fingerprints on them then they can't lift prints from cars. They also advised me to leave nothing of value and the glove box empty and open when leaving the car. Although from what other people are saying this seems to be of little deterrant to these scumbags. I've also seen a group of four hoodies regularily walking down our street, being quite loud and abusive, mostly between 12-1AM at the weekends. Last year we had a spate of cars on our street which had their wing mirrors ripped off. It is so fraustrating as there is little you can do, to stop them from doing it.
  3. Beakerzoid, Is there any news on Unlimited cardholders being given the opportunity to book tickets online? I went to see Avengers over the weekend with four friends who arent Unlimited card holders and had no choice but to make a journey down to Cineworld on Saturday to purchase tickets for Sunday night as the evening showings have been selling out and the website does not yet allow Unlimited members to book tickets online. I've done this several times when going to see major new releases with groups of friends and its so inconvenient and costly having to make an additional journey to the cinema to ensure we get seats sat together, not to mention my friends lose out on the 10% discount of booking online. Cineworld need to sort this out fast!!
  4. I agree Hei Moon is definitely the best chinese in Hillsborough, so tasty and full of freshness. Their prawn toast is the best I've tasted anywhere. I've also found them very friendly too. Recently tried the Golden City on Holme Lane and the food tasted bland, dry and over cooked.
  5. I had two top pre-molar teeth removed at Charles Clifford in April, I was pretty scared so had the treatment done under intravenous sedation. Once they had given me the injection I was fine, only felt some slight pain towards the end. It was the next day my face was swollen, and for about a week was in constant pain, trying to eat solid foods was impossible for the first week!
  6. Viva Climax on Saturday was the quietest Viva I've ever seen it, the place was half empty. Got to the Uni about 7pm thinking it would be bustling and full of energy like previous years and it was almost deserted with no atmosphere so we ended up going down Divison St until gone ten. Wish Climax would change their formula it needs to be totally revamped and re-launched, bring in some new DJs, not all gays love pop or want to be relegated to the the small room. Does anyone think the drinks aren't quite right at Climax? I had a Sailor Jerry rum with coke and honest to god it tasted like dental mouth wash. I've drank shed loads of Sailor Jerry and that was definitely NOT genuine stuff! p.s. please no more Angie Brown, give the poor woman a rest.
  7. HeI Moon is the best chinese I've had in terms of quality, freshness and taste. Their prawn toast and cantonese style sweet & sour chicken is the best I've had. Only ever had a takeaway from the Canton King and it will be the last time. Agree with an early post, the portions are way to big, greasy and full of cheap nastiness and it doesn't even taste nice either!
  8. I really like the Flaming Dragon, the food is great quality for a buffet restaurant and the choices are pretty decent. The only thing that annoys me is its always half an hours wait for a table and the waiting area can get crowded.
  9. Hi Beakerzoid, Do you know if Cineworld will ever allow its Unlimited Cardholders to reserve their seats for a movie online rather than having to queue. One of the things that sometimes riles me about being a cardholder is that the Unlimited Card desk doesn't always have anyone staffed on it or allows you to obtain your tickets from them.
  10. Trams running between Hillsborough and the city centre as normal this morning, actually got into town much quicker than normal lol!
  11. Holme Lane (Hillsborough), Penistone Road, Infirmary Road, Shalesmoor, Netherthorpe Rd and the dual carriageway down to the St marys Gate roundabout are all clear with no snow or ice problems. Does anyone know what the condition of Chesterfield Rd and the Unstone-Dronfield Bypass are like?
  12. The view towards the city centre from my office, visibility keeps changing drastically very quickly. http://i512.photobucket.com/albums/t324/rspreece/NewImage2.jpg http://i512.photobucket.com/albums/t324/rspreece/NewImage.jpg
  13. Does anyone know of any problems with the trams? We've been given the green light to head home from work early if we have problems with our transport. Very rare the trams stop running though
  14. Is anyone a patient at the Montgomery Dental Care on Infirmary Rd near Tesco's? I am looking to find a new dentist and have heard good feedback about Montgomery's. If you currently go there or have in the past would you recommend them based on quality of service and cost? Much appreaciated
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