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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of any good riding schools/trekking stables in sheffield? I am quite an experienced rider but I haven´t been properly for quite some years so I am a little nervous these days. I really want to get back into it, bit of mixture, school, trekking and maybe some jumping. I live in Walkley so ideally somewhere nearish but I have a car so thats no big problem. I´m looking for something quite laid back as I want to ease back into it! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks!! Jenny
  2. Anyone know of a good jazz/blues bar/club in Sheffield?? Or anywhere that has live jazz/blues music playing regularly? Thanks Jenny
  3. Hi, I couldn't PM you as I'm using my moble and it won't let me for some reason! My boyfriend is looking for work and he'd be happy to give you a quote. He'd give you a very reasonable price. He's not a decorator by trade but he is currently doing my house and as he is a perfectionist he is doing an amazing job! He's just moved to Sheffield so I'd probably have to come with him to show him how to get there. If you'd be interested in him giving you a quote please let me know. Thanks Jenny
  4. Hi, There is one up the big hill behind penistone Road. Its literally just behind the greyhound track and then up the hill. I came across it the other day and it was beautiful! I never knew it evenm existed! Was just wandering up that hill as Id never been there before and wanted to see the city from the top and the gravyard was at the bottom! Its massive though and all the graves date back from the late 1800's. All the headstones are massive and really pretty! Thanks Jenny
  5. My grandad passed away last week and we've been clearing out his house. He has loads and loads of Swarowski crystal figurines that they've had for years. They're all in immaculate condition and all have their boxes. Does anyone know someone who collects these? I know they were all quite expensive when bought new so I'm not going to let them go for nothing. Also have a load of waterford crystal vases and a clock. Again all in immaculate condition with the boxes. Thanks Jenny
  6. Thanks, I'm not sure when he's thinking of moving here but he's experienced and has done most of his diving in honduras (small island called utila) and in Mexico.
  7. Hi, My boyfriend is thinking of moving to Sheffield for a while and is looking for a job. He's a scuba diving instructor so would ideally like to do that although, he said he would do manual labour as well as he has experience in that. Can anyone tell me where to find manual labour/scuba diving jobs in Sheffield? Thanks Jenny
  8. Hi, I am wanting to do some spanish conversation classes. I have a fairly high level of Spanish, I did my degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and I lived and worked in Spain for a year. I used to be pretty fluent although I dont get to rpactice that much anymore. If you are interested in doing any conversation classes then please let me know. Jenny
  9. You could try The Porter Bookshop on sharrowvale road. Its a second hand bookshop but all of the books are good quality and a decent price. I know this because my Dad used to own it. He founded it years ago but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago so he passed the business onto someone else. As far as I know it is still going and they always had some quirky books about all sorts. Its worth a shot.
  10. when my dad died 10 years ago we had the same problem. My mum kicked up such a fuss that they gave in and let us have the notice without the "rose" or cabbage as my mum called it.She insisted in talking to the manager of the dept.
  11. June? Isn't it usually in July? I'm sure its 3rd weekend in July usually!
  12. Thanks guys!! Ideally I dont want a second hand one but i am kinda skint! Ideally I dont wanna pay over £300.
  13. Anyone know where I can get a cheapish double matress from? Ideally I'd like a memory foan one or something similar! Let me know! Thanks Jenny
  14. Hi Everyone, Are you Basque or do you or anyone you know know where I can learn Basque Language in Sheffield? I really want to learn as I speak Spanish and have learnt a little Catalan too so Now I want to learn Basque. Also I would like to do some Spanish conversation/Grammar classes. I did Spanish at university and lived in Spain for a year so I have a fairly high level although I dont get to practice very often!! Thanks Jenny
  15. Hey, does anyone know where I can get hold of a weekend with camping ticket for leeds festival this year? I am willing to pay up to £200. Thanks
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