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  1. Hi, going to the city hall tomorrow afternoon for the panto. Does anyone know if the council car parks will be free tomorrow or if it will be the usual fees or the £1 all day fee? Any suggestions on where to park. Thanks
  2. I have a path that runs in between myself and my neighbours house which is Tarmac but in a bad state really with weeds that have pushed their way through and left big gaps and chunks now missing from the Tarmac!its roughly just under a meter wide and about 10 metres long. Is this likely to be quite an expensive job?
  3. Police phoned me tonight they've managed to track down the driver that caused me to swerve. The police couldn't tell me how they managed to trace him or anything that he's said all he said was he was going to speak to him tonight. I understand accidents happen and I'm sure we've all misjudged things in our time I just hope the guy is honest so it can all get sorted as simply as possible.
  4. Hi everyone, Feeling particularly sore this morning :-(police came last night and apparently because I'm not dead or don't have broken bones my accident is classed as slight and not really a priority! The accident didn't happen in an area covered by camera so nothing on there. The police office had got a name in my file of someone who is apparently a witness but he hadn't had chance to phone him. Frustrating really, from as insurance point of view this is all going down as my fault!
  5. This was me!!!!! I was the red mini driver going southbound between junction 34 and 33 just after the viaduct! Luckily I am fine apart from a few cuts and bruises and a lot of neck and back pain but according to the paramedics and the trauma team investigating a suspected broken spine I was a very lucky girl! I was cut up be a small silver/grey car which fled the scene. If anyone has any information please contact the police, it's scary to think the person responsible saw my car spin and flip over, had no idea if I was dead or alive and still drove off! I'm hoping the person does have a conscience and was just in a state of panic rather just generally not caring. I would also like to thank the off duty fire officers who stopped to help me before emergency services were on sight, you were all absolutely amazing and I will be trying my best to contact all the relevant authorities to pass on my sincere thanks to how helpful you all were in calming me down and ensuring I was safe.
  6. Noodles in Beighton do street dance, not sure on the age groups though. They have a facebook group!
  7. Hi, my daughter is 5 and has been having group swimming lessons for nearly a year. She views the lessons as a social occasion and because they are in shallow water she walks constantly! When we were on holiday she attended private swimming lessons with first choice and did so well! The lessons were in deep water and after just 5 lessons she swam a width in deep water with no floats! However now we're back home we're back to doing 1 stroke then walking! Can anyone recommend a private swim teacher that may be available for 1:1 lessons. Thanks
  8. The corner of my guttering is leaking on my end of terrace house in Woodhouse. If anyone could come and give me a quote either tomorrow or Friday id really appreciate it. Thanks
  9. I live in an end terrace house and this is the first winter I've had bare plastered walls (previously papered) these last few weeks I have noticed 2 patches above the skirting board where the walls are wet when it has been heavily raining outside. Can anyone advise me as to what this is likely to be and where I would turn to for advice about fixing the problem. Thanks
  10. Wondering if anyone can help me. I've just sold a pair of my little girls dungarees on ebay. The woman that won lives in germany and I wasnt aware of this until she was the winning bidder! Any ideas of how much p&p I should charge, obviously I dont want to end up supporting the cost myself? I was charging £3 for UK postage. Thanks
  11. I have a samsung 42" plasma which for the last couple of weeks has been randomly clicking and turning itself on and off. Tonight it's gone with an all mighty bang n somethings smoked. Any ideas if its worth getting it looked at, if so by who or does it need scrapping?
  12. If you use lansinoh nipple cream you dont need the lip balm as it can be used on your lips too! :-)
  13. I also live in S13 and visited every nursery (and many childminders) within about a 3mile radius when returning to work in Jan 2010. I decided on Sunny Meadows and was so glad I did! They have a really good outdoor space, and I've been more than happy with the care and experiences that DD's received since being there. I was torn between Sunny Meadows and Kids at Work, I spent an afternoon in both and felt that the warmness and friendliness of the staff at Sunny Meadows out weighed that at Kids. I was also unimpressed with the inflexibility at Kids. My DD was baby led weaned, she was self feeding herself solid table food at 8 months old however the manager at Kids said that they wouldn't allow her to do this and she HAD to be spoon fed purees. Ultimately I think you will get a feel for the nursery and the staff if you go and visit and ask to speak abit of time there.
  14. Dont bother! Get a pair or reins or a wrist strap and encourage her to walk nicely and safely!
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