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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy Bradwell’s ice cream in Sheffield. Looks like Morrison’s don’t sell it any more
  2. I have been given a Beaumont family bible. I will gladly pass it on if anyone is researching their family history, or if you know of someone who might be interested
  3. It was the council who set the bait, but I have heard that there are some rats that are getting immune to the normal poison. what's intriguing me is why the earth is inside the shed. We had rats once before but that didn't happen. There doesn't seem to be anything else it could be though.
  4. We did think rats, but can't understand why the earth is inside the shed. Did that happen with you?
  5. We are having problems with something that is making holes in our shed floor. the problem is the earth is brought up into the shed so it appears the whatever it is is digging its way out, rather than in. We have had rat traps set for a few days, but there is another pile of earth inside the shed again today. There is no food in there to attract anything. The holes are not big enough for it to be badgers, but a bit too big for mice. There are squirrels about, but I've never heard of them nesting underground. Does anyone have an idea what we are dealing with.
  6. Thanks for that. unfortunately it isn't quite the same
  7. Has anyone got the instructions for a Ryobi RESV 1000BX leaf blower please. I haven't used it for a couple of years and can't remember how to assemble it.
  8. Thanks Daven, GP referral was Monday of last week, so should hear early next week. Might contact hospital tomorrow though. Thanks for good wishes, hope you are OK too.
  9. Was taken to A&E but was a long way from home, so got a letter for GP and told to make an urgent appt, which he did. Just waiting now.
  10. Thank you for that, it's very interesting. As this concerns my grandson I will show this to his parents if he has not yet received an appt.
  11. Thank you for info. GP said urgent. 18 year old with chest pain and other symptoms. Hope it's nearer to two weeks than four.
  12. Going to get consultant's name from GP and phone his secretary. Just to make sure they have received referral.
  13. Yes, I was thinking of doing that but it's only a week since the GP's appt. I thought I had heard it was two weeks but wanted to be sure. we'll give it a few more days and then phone
  14. Thank you, hope that's correct it's quite important
  15. Can anyone tell me, if a GP refers a patient for an urgent appointment, how soon can we expect one
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