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  1. Yeah I thought it was cheap. How can Dell justfy charging £100+ when other suppliers can charge less than half http://www.amazon.co.uk/Laptop-Battery-Inspiron-Vostro-451-10477/dp/B001EUSUSE Thanks anyway for the replies. John
  2. I used to use it on battery a lot but hardly ever now, nearly always mains powered. Just checked the part number and the site i mentioned doesnt have it in, i must have looked at a different one. The part number is 451-10477 its an 85WHr 9-cell and Amazon have one for £32. My concern is that this message has been popping up for ages now, it doesnt bother me but i dont want the battery leaking or anything. Cheers.
  3. Where can I get a replacement battery for my Dell Inspiron 1720 in Sheffield. I'm getting the "Your battery needs replacing message" but to get it directly from Dell will cost £126. I have had a look on a site call LaptopBatteryShop and they're only asking £37. Anybody used this site, or is it best to go to Dell for it, any advice, thanks.
  4. I live just off Colley rd and my dad has twice now said that a hawk or some other bird of prey has landed on our fence while I've been at work. I will tell him to keep an eye out. What should we do if we spot it?
  5. Where can i buy some studio monitor speakers from in Sheff, anyone know? Ive looked on Richer Sounds website but it seems they just do home cinema stuff now. Cheers.
  6. Why dont you two have a quiet one together. Cook your own meal, a few beers, music etc, and just have a good time together, instead of paying for petrol to go to someone elses. Ive spent a few Christmases on my own but being a bloke i just had a massive breakfast, forget dinner, and went out all day and always bumped into someone i knew to have a laugh with.
  7. Im still unsure on this one. Although ive just asked my partner and she said she thinks they shouldnt. I think the benefits of her council house over the private house im renting is that if she lost her job she wouldnt lose the house, shes a pet owner, her rent is £300 a month including water rates, she keeps it nice and tidy and is always changing the decor, has a garden front and back which she can do what she wants with, shes within walking distance of her elderly parents and the shops. The house i rent is just round the corner costs me £500 pcm but i pay separate water bills, would be concerned for the roof over my head if i lost my job, had to ask my L/L to even put a dartboard up (drilling required), pets a no no. I must admit i do feel a bit restricted when compared to my partners situation. I would love to buy my own place and could probably afford the mortgage but its the deposit that lets me down, im trying to save for a deposit but after everything is paid out im not left with much. I dont have sky or a car or any massive tv's or luxurys like that. I do think the council could have done a better job on her kitchen though, holes everywhere....
  8. Hi all, i want to know what songs i can play on a 76 key keyboard. i own an 88 key and play lots of songs such as maple leaf rag and other rags, a few elton john, billy joel, mainly pop/ragtime, some classical (chopin). Is there a way to find out what the highest and lowest keys are in these pieces for quick reference and also what keys are missing on a 76. thanks in advance. Im looking at 76 key synths, mainly because i want to do some sequencer work and write a few songs also to be able to take to my brothers studio as well. But also i would just like to play my favourite pieces, Any advice? cheers.
  9. Hello everyone, I posted a few lines some months ago when i had pending op (on April 27th) as regards my prolapsed disc. I am happy to say that it was a success. I had the op and although it took time to fully recover i was back at work on June 7th. My job involves heavy lifting and i am grateful to the surgeon who did a fantasic job because ive been able to do exactly the same job as i did before albeit with a lot more care and when needed assistance. My works doc told me that my back will never be the same again and that its needs to be a lot more stronger than it is now. I am a thin person so i dont carry much fat around with me but i do need to build my back muscles up. I dont want to blow my own trumpet but i cant believe how good i feel, i have a few very slight nerve twinges now and then but i came off painkillers over two weeks ago and dont feel any pain at all. As regards your prob 'Webwill', just try anything because it sounds like your really suffering, there must be a reason for it mate, if you want to talk just send me a message ill be happy to go through it with you if you need to rant 'n' that. All the best to anyone out there suffering with back pain because as a victim it really is soul destroying. :-)
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