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  1. He is John, he had a pulminary embolism and heart attack a few years back and ever since mum's had them both on a vegetarian diet, with regular gym sessions (at least they did until this covid malarky started)
  2. That's him 🙂 What name would he know you by?
  3. My dad was a driver for NCL (National Carriers Ltd) at the time, his beloved pushbike went up in flames.
  4. Maybe it was just used by my group of friend. We used it 20-25 years ago, I think it was introduced to us by a member of our group who came from Middlesborough. I always thought it was from that part of the country.
  5. Isn't "dropping the chimp" as in "has she dropped the chimp yet?" a euphemism for giving birth?
  6. What sort of folk music are you playing? Are you leaning more towards Foster & Alan or The Pogues.
  7. Here you go, it's the FaceBook group for Broughton Inn Rock n'n Roll nights. https://www.facebook.com/pg/BroughtonInnSheffieldRockNRollNights/photos/?tab=album&album_id=395599400469217 If you need more pics I may be able to put you in touch with a few people.
  8. How would I go about joining one of your ghost walks?
  9. That's what I would have thought too. So maybe she misheard Marples for Marbles and in a childlike way came up with a gang that bet on the outcome of marbles games. ---------- Post added 04-01-2018 at 13:02 ---------- Also just spotted an article gambling .com about betting on marbles. Not as I thought the games we played as kids, but betting on the number of black or white marbles pulled from a container. That sounds more akin to the tossing rings run by gangs at the time.
  10. Just making an enquiry for a friend, who was recollecting vague stories from her childhood about a relative who had been a member of The Marbles Gang during the 1920s. As I said her recollection was vague, but apparently, the gang operated around The Moor area of Sheffield and ran a betting ring based around marbles games. So it could have a marbles gang rather than The Marbles gang, or The Marples Gang. So has anybody heard of The Marbles Gang or even a marbles betting ring?
  11. I lived there in the mid to late 90s. It was still in the "red light district" at that time, but we moved out to the sticks to give our young daughters better surroundings. I still miss living on Edward St. Flats, the neighbours were great, it was a short walk into town and had great views.
  12. I'll bet! I've known him for some years, as you say "never a dull moment".
  13. Was the Penny Farthing later shortened to Penny's? I went once or twice when I was 15 or 16. I seem to remember some of the lads from school nipping down there to spend their school dinner money on the lunch time strip show they had at Penny's.
  14. Brian Aldis wrote the book Frankenstein Unbound, on which the film of the same name was based and the short story Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, on which the film AI Artificial Intelligence was loosely based.
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