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  1. Thanks to everyone for a good debate, Good luck to all. My friend told me in the boozer that the world ends in 2012 so if thats true non of us will have to worry about property prices anymore , Tee hee! Cheers Shadow08
  2. sham Never said I'd advise anyone to do anything, let alone take a 125% mortgage, didn't even know they existed actually. How can they? I guess I'm a bit green... As for 3 years ago, if I'd had sold then and waited for prices to drop as certain people advised I would have waited 3 years until now and I'm not sure I would be in a better position. Never mind! Reviewing your posts and the fact you said you sold some houses , maybe you are in the property business and do have an agenda. Some of your posts accuse others of being in the business and having agenda's Why accuse anyone of anything, its just chat? I've read the forum for a while , hoping for good advice, your responses don't add up. But thats ok. Did find the snakesproperty site interesting, the area I'm looking at seems about 5% down from Autumn.Which adds up and explains the offer on my home. Lets hope you don't miss the opportunity to get a good deal yourself! I don't want to ignore reality..by the way... Thankyou for your advice and comments I guess I'll take it all with a pinch of Salt from now, Nice to chat, No Hard feelings. Cheers shadow08
  3. sham71 It seems from your previous posts and threads you have some kind of of need to talk down and scare people about the housing market at the moment and I see from your posts you have been doing this since 2005. Spelling out the doom and gloom with an "end is nigh" attitude Is a carless thing to do. You were advising people 3 years ago not to invest in this and that, because prices may fall out of bed, did you then apologise when prices rose between 2005 and 2008? Yes the Market is slow and there are credit problems. That is obvious. I will be honest with you my house is on the market and I've had an offer 5k below the asking price. But if I had sold 3 years ago when advised to by some commentors said I should have, I'd have been much worse off. The house I would like to buy(the owners) will not budge on price and they are prepared to stay if they cannot get what they believe the house is worth, thats their choice and they are in no hurry. They too have to buy further up the ladder. Please remember that for a lot of people a house is a home and all this gloomy talk will just cause more misery if people are already in trouble. No one really knows how things will pan out, the fact that the market is slow now and that prices will stay flat with no growth(in real terms) for possibly quite a while will make the market healthy in the long term as wages in this period will catch up e.t.c. and it is exactly what is needed to stabilize and help FTB. So maybe the current conditions are just the lower side of a natural peak and trough type movement through the decades. I appreciate that you may think you are helping people and I find your comments interesting, but your comments have scared me and when I speak to vendors (whose houses I am viewing) these people don't echo your point of view and I just can't see a family with 2-3 children dropping their house price by 30-40%, they will just stay put and not bother moving. This has come across very strongly to me and my wife whilst looking. I read you sold a while ago, is it not in your own interest to try and talk the market down to bag a bargain? Please be careful what you say, you may be ok and as you said in one thread your money may be in the bank earning you interest, what makes you so sure its so safe there? shadow08
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