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  1. Hi nikki.. PM sent for my girls swim instructor
  2. Found this on google..it might help.. Plans have been submitted to extend a Sheffield retail park, a scheme which developer Derwent Construction believes will bring employment and investment to the region. The site, located on Halifax Road, is currently home to Argos, Pets At Home, Halfords and Gala Bingo. The existing units, including a large steel frame, were built in 2009. The proposals outline the construction of three additional buildings and, if approved, will result in 14 retail units, a gym and food retail outlet on the park.
  3. oh sorry yes.. so what you mean is driving with a cannaboid in your system is ok? My book is clear, anyone with drink or drugs in their system or is impaired should not be driving!!
  4. Just because of this are you are saying is its ok to take drugs and drive?? Do you think they slow down because the are aware their reaction times are going to be slower. As for studies, we know alcohol studies have been going for a many number of years now, drug driving studies and the consequences is relatively new in comparison. In my book anything that is going to cause you impairment,, alcohol, drugs etc is a recipe for disaster if you get behind a wheel.
  5. Sorry Grenoside 123, you are mistaken. The IEB have requested a pause in conversion process and are looking into what is now best for the school. I can say Academisation can no longer be forced on the school. Personally I do not want the school to become an academy, I never have. The head and staff should be allowed to bring the school back to outstanding! watch this space Grenoside 123. You will be pleasantly surprised,
  6. I agree, a big thank you and well done to Pamela and Nina and all the staff for their dedication and hard work. But also to the children who have had to adapt to many changes, but took it in their stride. My children love going to school and that's never changed from day one. As for Academy conversion, there is no requirement anymore to convert.
  7. I saw this and thought I would put it on here and get your view.. Here is a selection of quotes from leading Conservatives when the Public and Commercial Services Union announced a strike of border guards in July 2012. Damian Green MP: “With only around one in 10 voting for industrial action, they have no authority to call their members out on strike.” Dominic Raab MP: “It can’t be right that union bosses can humiliate the nation when just 11 per cent of their members support strike action.” Priti Patel MP: “Any ballot in which fewer than half of those eligible to vote do so should be ruled invalid.” Conor Burns MP: “The idea that these cloth cap colonels can hold the public to ransom on a turnout of 11 per cent is grotesque and anti-democratic.” Matthew Hancock MP: “Union bosses who should not be allowed to call a strike when only a minority of their members voted for a strike.” They changed their tune in 15 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 3500 entered....and theres still just 15 weeks to go!!!
  9. I agree with Jemson.. If its your first just go out and enjoy it.. train as much as you can and don't worry about pace.. I have ran a few 10K races (10 min mile pace) so have a bit of a base. I try and split my week into, steady 5/6 miler, fartlek or interval type of around 3/4 miles a long run on the weekend.. If I get a chance I try and do a spin class in the week and do some strength training at the gym.. but that not a regular thing.. It sounds alot but once you get into the routine it does becomes easy.. If you have the motivation then there are plenty of training plans out there..
  10. There are 2000 entries already.. Think its that after christmas rush!! I have watched the last 3 and always fancied having a go, so this year I am going to give it a go.. Already started training!!
  11. i agree!!! I started a 2012 thread a few weeks back...
  12. ha.. thats my kind of team!!!! Its my daughters birthday today so couldn't make it.. but will pop over to next weekends game.. will send you a message in meantime..
  13. hi sanderson.. I live near Asda in Parson Cross, so may be able to run with you.. I work shifts so cannot run regularly in he evenings, but can work something out.. I run between 9.5 and 10 minute miles and looking to improve..
  14. hi.. where and when do you train... I played for niagara a few years ago before the team folded and not kicked a football since other than in the garden with the kids..
  15. I have already entered.... didn't want to miss it...
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