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  1. Jump is so named as you'd previously have to jump over a small stream/river to get to hte village, it did have a name previously but over time people would just say they were going to Jump.
  2. Moran's or Mini Bar are quite nice. I've heard good things about Kitchen also. Hope it's a lovely evening.
  3. http://www.thestar.co.uk/food/Bring-your-own-wine-to.5305539.jp might help, there are also a fair few other threads on this. check some of them out.
  4. it doesn't seem similar but sounds totally up my street. Thank you.
  5. Is there anywhere there is wassailing at all? Where and when?
  6. Lions Lair, there is a place in Sheffield that does that style of food. Wasabisabi does. It's called Teppanyaki. The hotpot is more expensive because you consume more premium ingredients, there are no fillers or extenders. You just get bite size portions of meat or vegetable. There is a large amount of prep that goes into that. Also there is Jabu that does hotpot on London road.
  7. Try Sheffield University Gospel Choir, they are fab.
  8. I finish work between 10.30 and 11.30pm and then would like somewhere to go. I'm not looking for a club, but somewhere for a few drinks. Something for the weekdays as well as the weekends would be appreciated.
  9. Where are these shops? How much does it retail for? Thanks
  10. I had to ask my boss for different hours, so that I could work at all. I relied on a lift on the way home from another person which added 2 hours to my already 9 hour day. I do not have a car so i had to live near a bus route to work, the strike affected me badly. I was hopping mad when I found out the strike was on sunday, when there are no other buses that first running. that was a snide thumbing of the nose on the part of the workforce.
  11. Thanks everyone for all your help. The 218 seems like the best option.
  12. Thanks Satyr, that was rather helpful! The times the trains run aren't helpful for me getting to work.
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