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  1. No, you've got me there! I believe there was a snooker hall upstairs on the corner? and opposite Scotts a firm that supplied glassware and various gear for the pub trade? Also the Coroners court as I remember and you could just see into their basement through gratings.
  2. Wasn't it next to Van Winkles cafe on Nursery St in the 50s ?/
  3. Use to call in there on a Saturday dinnertimes after finishing at Osborns on Bacon Lane. They had music provided by the blokes themselves,There was a tea chest base, cans full of shot etc as Skiffle was very popular in those days and a great time was had by all.
  4. The El Mambo was one of my favourite hangouts and had great music and atmosphere. It was in fact on the same side as the Empire and opposite to the Palace cinema and the police box . At the side was the arcade leading up to Pinstone St which housed Barney Goodmans. I believe two brothers owned the El Mambo. My wife said "nice girls don't go there" but its reputation was exaggerated.
  5. Not to forget Hepworth the Tailors either, who were on a par with John Collier. A lot of well off folk used to buy Reid and Henderson cloth and have their suits made up in Leeds, though I don't think the finish was any better than Barney Goodmans etc.
  6. I have a feeling that Ian Drake was in the same year as me, his years at the school are more or less the same as mine were.
  7. I always wondered who exactly brought Health and Efficiency to school but I can still picture the cluster of lads trying to get a good look at it!!! Terry Wibberley's name rings a bell too and he might have been in our year. Anyone recall a Gavin Porter who came from Worksop way I think?
  8. Although I was quite friendly with Roger, I don't recall Tom Marshall at all.
  9. Yes, I recall him now. I gather you must have been around at the same time as me which was '54- '57 ? Happy New Year to all.
  10. HI Bladerunner, Did Barry Stone's parents run the off licence in Broomhill?. Having spent many hours on detention doing various janitorial duties, he never trusted me to wash his car!!
  11. There was a Carpet Choice which was the building which is now the bingo place, I worked there from its opening until its closing about 5 years later. Paul Eyre opened up a few yards away. this would be circa 1989ish.
  12. Great post David, as you say Barry was a rather large lad who could look fearsome. You were obviously around at the same time as me, as I remember the Health & Efficiency mag doing the rounds at breaktime. Would you remember Roger Sherwood by the way? or the lad whose family ran a corner shop just up the road in Broomhill which is now a vet's practice?
  13. Thanks for that Snowball, will do. I go to a 'lifestyle' group once a month and the majority of members are Stocksbridge/Deepcar born and bred so would probably remember your family if asked.?
  14. Hi Snowball, I obviously got the wrong garage, if Scholey's was opposite Netherfield close, that one is now a McColls petrol station/mini market. The garage I was referring to was up in Stocksbridge on the left hand side near what may still have been the cinema when you were a girl? It is now a little mall of shops, if you haven't been this way for a while.
  15. Do you recall a lad by the name of Boyd, who had a fracas with a teacher (I think it may have been Mr Pearson) in the classroom? I seem to think his father was a bank manager. Living in Deepcar, I remember Scholey's garage which I think was Ford orientated?
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