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  1. Hi all, Looked on here and the net but can't seem to find anything. Im wanting to know how much discount is applied to the NCP Arundel Gate parking ticket when using the Odeon next door? I've read on the Odeon website they give discounted prices for cinema ticket purchases? Wondering if it is worth it as they will charge me £9.90 for three hours normally. Would rather find somewhere else to park for that money! Any info appreciated. Or does anyone know a carpark or even Sheffield city council road side parking metres where you can park for three hours Thanks : )
  2. We need somE fireworks for a party at the weekend. Been to morrisons and they have now put theirs away. Has anyone seen any on sale anywhere now bonfire night has gone other than JTF please?
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  4. My friend is wanting to enrol in University but needs GCSE in Maths. She has read on the Liverpool uni website that you can sit GCSE's exams independently without attending a course, just paying to sit the exam. Is this correct? And do Sheffield so this? I have tried searching the web but have not found anything at all about it. But i assume it must be correct if Liverpool Uni say so? Thanks, any info appreciated! x
  5. Hi, looking for a tanning place in S5 or S6 who do offers on the more minutes you buy, for example £20 for 60mins. Can anyone recommend anywhere? I have googled but not getting anything in that area. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Looking to go camping for 1 week in September and Plan to take our dog with us. Wanting a cheapy really, so anything under £150 for the week would be ideal. Can anyone recommend a good site which has a bar, play area on site, that accepts dogs and has the sea nearby. The ones i keep finding are miles in land! We dont want to do Newquay as went last summer. Any other area of Cornwall is fine. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, My little boy who is 6 is wanting patterns shaved in to his hair. Ive seen other kids with this done but i have no idea which barber's does this. My son normally has his hair cut by a friend but she only does womens hair normally so has no idea how to do it. Can anyone recommend where to go in Sheffield and how much is it around? Thanks
  8. No , im not wanting my little one to train to do it. I thought they were performing in a show and advertising for people to go and watch as the flyer/poster looked like a circus advertisement poster. Thanks for replies
  9. Hi all, keep driving through Hillsborough (but in rush hour so cannot stop) and seen afew posters for American Wrestling advertised, they look similar to the circus posters. I only caught a glimse but i read 393 club. I have googled it and it says Langsett Road. I was wondering if its a show for kiddies to go and watch or are they advertising learning to wrestle for adults?. Has anyone seen the posters roperly who could advise me? I tried ringing the number what i got off google but it no longer exists. Thanks in Advance x
  10. I own a Staffordshire Bull terrier (my 2nd), but if i was out in the street and one came my way i too would be very wary!! I always pick my little one up if i see any dogcoming our way as you just never know. Luckily my two have been lovely dogs with human and animal. But you just never know. If you would like to meet my little man, he is only 6 months old and would most probably lick you to death, he is however big and the same size as my first staffordshire was fully grown!
  11. We own a 6 month old Staffordshire Bull terrier, our 2nd staffy (sadly our first had to be put to sleep). Both loving, loyal, soft and very gentle with our son and whoever they meet. Also what a very smelly breed they are!! I am not a chav! But i see where most are coming from with these comments. Its sad that the Staffy has been branded the 'idiots dog'. Its generally the owner not the dog!!
  12. My friend is in need of some parts and tyres for her car before its MOT in afew days. She is Looking for two cheap part worn tyres, N fitting - for a Vauxhall Corsa 05 around the central or south of sheffield area if possible. Also she would like to know the best breakers yard for Vauxhall Corsa parts. Thanks in advance
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