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  1. Chukka-cha-ka A short film by Lee Pearse Hello I am shooting a short film on Sunday 13th April in Sheffield. The shoot will take place on a disused railway track in which I need between 80 and 100 volunteer extras to join the crew and me for just 3 hours. The film will be entered into the City in Motion competition, which is part of the City of London Festival. I am looking for a wide range of volunteers aged from 2 years upwards who will be willing to mimic the movement of a train with their arms and make the sound “chukka-cha-ka” while stood in a straight line along the disused railway track. The shoot should take no more than 3 hours and will be a fun day out and experience. Date: Sunday 13th April 9 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. Location: Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley This location is a fantastic day out for the family. It is completely FREE to enter and you can spend the remainder of the day there if you wish. We have a FREE trip organised on the steam train after filming has finished. There will be hot drinks and biscuits available. There are toilets, shops and shelter. Children and young people will receive a small gift for taking part. Travel: Elsecar train station is a 5 min walk for location. There is a train at 8.39am leaving Sheffield, arriving at 8.56am and then a very short walk to the location. Cost: £2.90 day return. Car park: FREE at location. On arrival: Look for the Chukka-cha-ka signs and the people in the yellow hi-visibility vests. Time: On location at 9.00am, shooting will start at 9.30am prompt and finish at 11.45am. It is of great importance that people arrive on time as once we start shooting latecomers will not be allowed to join in due to continuity reasons. THIS WILL BE A GREAT DAY OUT! ON BEHALF OF MYSELF AND THE CREW THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH Lee Pearse Co-Producer & Director
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