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  1. Thats good, PT, so glad he is home safe and sound. Course, being a bloke, he is bound to milk it for a couple of days, but hey, why do we have them if its not to spoil them?? Really pleased he is ok. x
  2. Good luck and love to Thiri, bless him. He will be no less of a man without his 'bits' ... indeed he will be more loveable than ever (and less smelly and a lot more healthy too). Good on ya, HT. Glad it worked out so well for you x x x
  3. Yes, she has been on a new medication since last spring which has made all that trouble a thing of the past. (We changed GP when we moved and the new one is brilliant.) All cats and kittens are doing fine now, we have managed to sneak a couple of pics of them when Molly nipped off to spend a penny. Will put them on when I figure out how to do it!
  4. Mum and kits have settled in well...in fact Molly has her own spot on the sofa already! Every time someone walks past her she lays down and says 'brrrrr' (which has been translated to 'I'm adorable, come and give me a little tickle'). Of course we are more than happy to oblige! We nipped out and got her some toys, so that there was no fighting over the toys already in the other house (even though Willow and Maisy don't really play with them), which is nice for her as she has something new as a kind of 'settling in' pressie! She is currently rolling around on the floor with a bell adorned mouse and giving it some serious attention! There has been the expected low throat growling and a bit of hissing from Willow in Molly's direction, but Molly clearly won't be outdone and has given it back to them in no uncertain terms! Maisy isn't really bothered and jut keeps looking to make sure she is safe distance away I think. The kits have been dragged out and washed and then dragged back in again! Almost like Molly was showing them to us, albeit briefly, as a 'look what I've got, but they're mine' introduction! Bless her, she does keep wandering to the door, she so wants to go out, but thats a battle she will not win until she has been to see the vet and been 'done'. She really is an absolute darling.
  5. Throwing stones at the dog until it goes to the toilet? Thats barbaric! Whats wrong with some people? They dont deserve to have pets in the first place and should be given the same treatment they give the animals, at the very least, in my opinion.
  6. Merry Christmas to you and your families, with love from ours ... including Willow, Maisy and Harry.
  7. Its the same in my house too. My lot are 14, 13 and 10. My esldest (boy) keeps to himself and really isnt a problem. The other 2 (both girls) are at it hammer and tongs, day in, day out. Telling tales, causing trouble, I agree 100% with you about having had it up to here! They even argue about whether or not they were arguing! I have told them eaqrlier this afternoon that I am hearing no more of it. If I do then each time I need to tell them they are gonna lose a privelege AND a Christmas present. So far so good....
  8. lol poor lucy! Cute as a button though!
  9. I live on Dyche Rd, Jordanthorpe. Really, its ok. There are a lot worse places to live.
  10. Hard federation, as defined by http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/federations * The definition as invoked in the 2002 Education Act which allows for the creation of a single governing body or a joint governing body committee across two or more schools from September 2003 onwards. * A group of schools with a formal (i.e. written) agreement to work together to raise standards, promote inclusion, find new ways of approaching teaching and learning and build capacity between schools in a coherent manner. This will be brought about in part through structural changes in leadership and management, in many instances through making use of the joint governance arrangements invoked in the 2002 Education Act. We see these as “hard” federations as they sit at the hard end of a whole spectrum of collaborative arrangements, and we recognise the need for strong levels of trust and confidence in order for schools to want the formal and binding commitments that federation implies. We are therefore keen to promote collaboration at all levels, in the understanding that schools need to take a measured and staged approach to cooperation and collaboration to ensure its long-term impact and success. We hope that, as schools move towards structured and sustainable collaboration, we will be creating system-wide change and actually transforming the culture of education.
  11. Well I guess delusions of grandeur are one thing - boundary changes and different catchment areas indeed - but I have to say that we DONT live in catchment and CHOSE this school and it actually ISNT failing... how can people keep labelling it a failure and not expect it to affect the kids? The teaching ISNT poor - have you spent any time in the school, maybe witnessed a lesson? And yes, maybe the GCSE grades are a bit low, but considering the fact that a lot of kids come to the school halfway through a year and speak NO english whatsoever, you can hardly expect it to be top of the league for good results. I have no worries about my kids, and they go to AGS. My youngest will hopefully go there too, next year. I have no qualms about sending my kids there. Its friendly and welcoming with a very good rapport between kids and staff. All you doubters have obviously never spent any time there to witness the way a day works in the school. If you had, I think you'd be thinking differently.
  12. We have just found out that although we were told we had until the end of term (which, for us is 19th July) to find a federation partner, the date has been brought forward to 8th July! We now need to step things up again, and I have already emailed all the councillors again to ask how its possible for them to do this. We were told that the parents and friends of students would be involved in the federation attempts, and that we would be able to help make the choice of school, etc, to ensure the best possible outcome. Nobody has been informed of any attempts made to contact possible federation partners so far, and we need to find out why this is, and when we can expect to hear some news, etc. There is a meeting for all supporters at AGS in the main school hall on 25th June at 6pm. We really do need everyone's support, this is so important. I hope to see you there. Rae
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