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  1. Do you have many white Christian neo nazis living nearby? ---------- Post added 20-12-2016 at 10:05 ---------- Not exaggerated at all really, it was something like the 6th 7th night of asylum seekers burning cars and a video was attached of locals which was also subtitled into English, so the eyewitness accounts on camera also proved the fears of Malmo's streets were infact very true. ---------- Post added 20-12-2016 at 10:06 ---------- Well fortunately I can use the guardian and morning star. Perhaps you should consider shifting to the right on your views of the world.
  2. The stories I look at are always true but vary on exaggerated reporting.
  3. Because I can search the topic elsewhere. Most websites now will translate to English. For example I saw on breitbart about mass destruction and burning of cars by asylum seekers in Malmö so I searched the local newspaper of malmo.
  4. To discuss with you what I feel some Islamic men See as benefits to the west would get me banned.
  5. Hopefully the Chris Wilder open road takes another turn to another beautiful setting, from bottom to top could easily be achieved this period and if it wasn't for Scunthorpe or Boltons despicable behaviour of keeping on winning we'd be sitting top of the tree.
  6. It's extremely unlikely that it's not connected to Islam. When these things happen I understand that you shouldn't jump straight to the conclusion "it was the Muslims" but anyone who doesn't think that straight away must be blind to the world. The hallmarks for Islamic terror have been pointed out to us here from this kind of attack in Nice. Just as things seemed to be calming down on the terrorist front this happens. This could be a lone wolf or amateur outfit but either way they're causing death and destruction. I was listening to a podcast not too long back on a radio show a caller phoned who was a convert he used to be Muslim and now he's practising Christianity, this man had been directly involved with radical Islam and had been involved with some prominent "British" nutjobs, the debate was about radical Islam and this man seemed to think that our security services are very inept at dealing with extremists and Explained in depth about the different branches of Islam the peaceful versions and extremist version and how they were linked as Islam is a tree and all branches are connected, I could go on and on about this interesting man but the be and end all of it is that a lot of branches of Islam have no place in modern society and also that security services are 5/6 steps behind. From prisons to mosques to schools to homes to abroad the proper extremists are running circles around the authorities and yet some people would like to stop in the EU that's letting the extremists In openly!!
  7. Unfortunately most EU politicians and the people they've brainwashed do like the religion, that's just one the many problems with the EU.
  8. To me (and I'm not religious) it's about giving and receiving presents and being with loved ones, looking out for the needy and having a good time, the religious part can do one for me.
  9. Not everyone wants to travel, I'm more than happy staying in this country and relaxing on a Greek/Spanish beach for a few weeks a year or maybe a few days in a European city. If being out of the EU makes that more expensive then that's a pill I'll gladly swallow and I'll make my relaxing beach holiday in the USA ---------- Post added 10-12-2016 at 08:10 ---------- It's hard to respond to you sometimes halibut...
  10. Of course Austria is, they're mainland Europe and have been brainwashed like the rest, the shining light is that anti EU parties are on the rise, anti EU parties winning/getting into power is just a bonus.
  11. They can't really, the working class liberals are far more proactive in their political actions therefore apply to go on programmes like this a lot more (just guessing at this but I'd bet my last quid on it being true) however it doesn't seem very representative when questions come up about Europe and the remoaners cheer far more loudly and it's clear theirs more of them even though we've chose to leave the Eu
  12. Hopefully !! I feel a lot of joy personally at the present crashing demise of the failed "project" I'm hoping within 10-15 years they'll be nothing left but a few staunch stubborn countries. I hope Juncker and Merkel etc can't sleep at night, they'll take it to their graves that they've (nearly) killed Europe and I'm sadistically overjoyed by it ! Happy times people.
  13. Just wait for when all the remoaners ruin the Brexit dream (which they will) and then watch UKIP rise faster than ever before.
  14. Creating your definition of racists and xenophobes, long may it continue !! Meanwhile in the real world Trump and Farage are appealing to the disenfranchised white/black/Asian working class
  15. Original post you've quoted from me quite clearly says it's a pipedream therefore not a threat.
  16. I was working recently and a group of young lads who were on a youth training programme (bad lads class let's call it) were working close to me but couldn't see me around the corner, these lads were 18-21 I'd say I think they were 3 possibly 4 of them, 2 were white 1 was black not sure if another was lurking around of any colour. Anyway I was earwigging them and they were whinging about the work they'd been to do and then proceeded to moan about their supervisor, the black lad said much to the amusement of the 2 white lads that this supervisor was racist his tone of voice was serious one of the white lads asked why and the black lad said it's the way he talks to me and (insert another black lads name) one of the white lads said that's how he talks to everyone and the second white lad encouraged him to accuse the supervisor of racism as it would "sort him out" I'm not sure who the supervisor was he might've been racist and blatant at that but from the white lads saying that's how he talks to everyone my guess is he's not, this is a serious predicament, if this supervisor gets reported disciplinary action will be taken maybe suspension all because of the R word being freely banded about and companies don't want to be accused of harbouring a racist.
  17. The problem we have is that it's banded about to people who just want the best for people born here that have paid taxes and worked but feel hard done to by the droves of foreign workers that have come here. It's not racist to feel that way and oppose mass immigration. If you live in a 3 bedroom house and pay your way then all of a sudden you have to share that house and pay the same way but get less space and the house becomes less liveable with no sign of fixing it you'd vote Brexit and try to find a solution by sticking two fingers up to your landlord too. Unless you were a lefty of course in which case you'd vote in favour of your landlord and end up with the spare bedroom being taken too and the house becoming an open door policy.
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