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  1. The headmaster at that time was Alan Clayton, probably the best teacher I've ever had. I left in 1976 the year that the competition was won. I can't remember which year won it I think it was either the 2nd or 3rd years. Remember walking into the staff room and David Bellamy was sat having a cuppa
  2. Living in a post modern semi-detached. I dream of having a Freemason's sacrificial altar of death in my cellar. I think you're just trying to spark jealousy upon the less fortunate.... regards Brinny PS. Brilliant
  3. Thanks cat631 another one for my family album Regards Brinny
  4. Malcolm Dickinson my uncle. Love it! I'll send hime a copy. Regards Brinny
  5. 300 quid. The world's your oyster in mattresses for that type of money. Just bought a top of the range Myers from Mattress Magic for £314. Makro have got some good offers on them at the moment. You can also order on-line if you have a Makro card and they deliver. Regards Brinny
  6. Me and the mrs used to have Vesta Chow Mein with a nice bottle of Concorde wine in the early eightees when we were in our teens. We thought it was the ultimate in a romantic night in:hihi: Bought one a couple of months ago and it's still in the cupboard gathering dust.. Just want to know what they now taste like as I always thought they were pretty good!!
  7. Quarter them about 3/4's of the way down and then squeeze the quarters in to purse out the top. Drizzle with a tablespoon of honey and bake in a moderate oven for about 20-25 minutes. Serve with a dollop of creme fresh on top. Or if your feeling really naughty clotted cream. Very yummy. Brinny
  8. Hi Fiona, I've dropped you an email. Regards
  9. Tony's my uncle and I'm so looking forward to sharing this photo with him :-)
  10. Wigan Kebab, minced beef and onion Pukka pie on a buttered breadcake... Yum Yum
  11. I think that was the Pheasant on Attercliffe that became the Stumble Inn and is now an Indian Restaraunt
  12. The pub where the interchange now stands I think was the Pheasant, used to go in there about '80-'81
  13. My son actually has pot noodle sandwiches. He swears by them:loopy:
  14. Just one thought. The CPS website defines the examples of what is 'Careless or inconsiderate driving'? A person drives carelessly or inconsiderately when the way they drive falls below the minimum acceptable standard expected of a competent and careful driver. Examples of inconsiderate driving include: flashing lights to force other drivers to give way; misusing lanes to gain advantage over other drivers; unnecessarily staying in an overtaking lane; unnecessarily slow driving or braking; dazzling other drivers with un-dipped headlights. Not being judgemental as speed should be dependant on conditions and numerous other factors as correctly stated the national speed limit is a maximum. Regards
  15. Sorry about that Matssundin13 I'll stand corrected. I think I was more concentrating on the Paypal comment and that being the only way to refund in 24 hours. Standard processing for cards should though take no longer than 24 hours. When a business processes the debit in more than that it's down to their choice of aquirer and the authoriser process. Or if a small outlet the fact that the terminal data is downloaded at a less frequent interval for whatever reason.
  16. Apologies but that's not strictly true. As long as both the sending and receiving account are faster payments enabled the credit can happen the same day. 3-5 days is for a BACS transfer. regards Brinny
  17. There is a chinese warehouse that sells them just off Bramall Lane. Can't remember the what it's called or the street name. As you come of the island at the end Bramall Lane (St Mary's Gate end) keep to your right and take the first right with access (it's one way) it's on your right hand side.
  18. Although I'm not a chip lover, but everyone (upto now) says I make very nice chips. Maris pipers are a definite although I have used desires. Cut nice and chunky and deep fry at 130 C until slighty soft. Keep shaking the basket so that they don't stick together. They should just start to scuff at the edges. Then TAKE THEM OUT OF THE OIL and let them cool for about 10 minutes. The cooking process will continue and make the inside nice and fluffy. While waiting up the temp on the frier to 170C. Then drop them back in and cook until done, again keep shaking the basket to stop them sticking. That's about it never had a bad result. Happy cooking!
  19. Wondering whether anyone could help. My wife is trying to get in touch with Fiona Elsey who used to live on Industry Road in Darnall. They lost contact with each other a few years ago and my wife would love to get back in touch with her. Any help appreciated. Regards Brinny
  20. Must admit I've always said if this was down south and a major route into London a motorway would have been built years ago... But no we're northerners and can struggle from one major city to another
  21. Must admit, I once ht a car on the Sheepbridge Industrial estate and DID leave my details. I've had various cars damaged a number of times over the years and never had the favour returned and it's infuriating!!!
  22. I noticed Best Buy UK, the new electrical retailers at Rotherham Parkgate had a couple in this weekend.
  23. The Fairways at Brinsworth, just across the border in Rotherham is worth a try. Easy access to the M1. http://www.fairwaysrotherham.co.uk/ Regards Brinny
  24. Flo, Did Arthur have 3 brothers Lesley, Charles (Eric) and Harris? Ta -- Brinny
  25. Not a name I remember, but then again it's 32 years ago
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