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  1. This is the best thing to happen to Broomhill for years, finally all of the shopping centre will be accessible without the risk of getting run over. Money well spent. Will be recouped in business rates from not-empty shops in no time
  2. Thats funny, people complaining cos its free. People had to send an email to 20@warp.net to reserve a place at the Park Hill event. All who were successful will have received an email back confirming.
  3. I heard they sorted you out in the end - good to hear!
  4. Warp20 this weekend - 19th September 7-11pm Warp Films free event at Park Hill Flats. 11pm-6am Warp Records all nighter at Magna (new venue due to licensing issues). Free buses to and from the event. MORE TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE AT BLEEP.COM £19 + £2 booking fee
  5. i think it WAS going to be in the ground floor unit in Q Park, so Magna seems like a much better bet. went to Auto there in 200? that Pulp did, amazing venue.... and the fact that they are doing buses there and back is great
  6. I'll live without an apology don't worry. I only ever posted on here to warn people not to believe the hype about house prices only ever going up based on my experiences in the property market One by one people have realised the truth (mainly due to it becoming mainstream thinking in the media - people don't seem to like to think for themselves and do their own research) All we have left is one sad individual who doesnt really want to sell his house. I'm happy in the knowledge that I could buy his house twice over for cash with what I have made from the property market in the last 15 years. Thats at the price he is asking. I could buy it 3 times over at its actual value. My main new years resolution is to give this place a miss, something made all the easier by there only being one obnoxious fool left to argue with, so I'll leave with a few predictions: 1. House prices will fall another 15-20% in 2009 as unemployment rockets. 2. Prices will level out mid 2010 and then stagnate for a few years, not reaching 2007 peak levels until 2015 or later. 3. My family and I will buy a nice 4 bed detached house in S10/11 in 2010 or 2011 having enjoyed renting in S11 for a few years while prices tumbled. 4. Saxondale will not sell his house in 2009 without taking a significant 'haircut' 5. Foxhill will NOT be exempt from the price crash. Happy New Year All.
  7. quote from the BBC article about the LR figures..... 'however, properties sold - usually for a discount price - following repossessions or transferred following divorce proceedings are excluded from the survey' I won't expect an apology for your error as you are obviously an idiot and an obnoxious one at that.
  8. I did say UP to 6 months. Haliwide are based on mortgage approvals. It is not unknown for there to be a 5 month lag from getting a mortgage approval through buying the house up to the solicitors getting round to letting the land registry know. Add on the fact that these are November figures when Haliwide will now be releasing December figures, and hey presto, you get up to 6 months.
  9. http://www1.landregistry.gov.uk/assets/library/documents/221282.pdf ok, so here are the latest Land Registry figures. Remember they lag behind anything up to 6 months from the Halifax and Nationwide indices so still have a long way to fall. oh, and they don't include repossessions, so actually underestimate the falls. Lets hope you can get double your asking price, it might help the figures from falling too fast.
  10. he's got more time on his hands as its the school holidays
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7803086.stm apparently its quite fashionable NOT to sell your house.
  12. and what did the estate agent say about that? Or are you being forced to sell privately now as no EA's will deal with you? let us know if playing hard to get also works in the selling of houses won't you?
  13. nice quote from the Independent today.... ....'But how low could prices sink? It is from the City that the best answer may come. "The median prediction among traders is that from peak to trough we will see house prices fall 46 per cent. The height was reached in the third quarter 2007 when average UK house prices were around the £200,000 mark. By 2010/2011 this is predicted to be £109,000," said Peter Sceats, director of real estate derivative broker Tradition Property.....'
  14. interesting quote today..... Knight Frank said yesterday: “We are now at least halfway through an estimated 30 per cent peak-to-trough decline.” That would bring values back to their level in 2003, affecting the five million properties bought since then. until recently, Knight Frank were all 'Phylis' about the housing market how times change
  15. note to you - learn how to spell prat you deluded fool.
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