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  1. I did think it was one of the more disgusting places to eat in the city, but according to more recent reports the place had been cleaned up quite a lot.
  2. I don't think it is just Graves Park. There was a Labour Party policy of selling 10% of all parks to raise finance. It was quite popular with the council until they got rumbled.
  3. It is pretty rare to drive down there without spotting a dead badger or a dead fox.
  4. They usually know where the UXBs are. They can plot the line of bombs that were dropped by each plane. If there is a row of craters with one missing in the middle it is usually a UXB.
  5. It said thousands were expected to go to Graves Park for Sheffield Show...... which had been moved from Hillborough.. There was a photo of a Spitfire at some earlier event.
  6. They seem to call that Sheffield Fayre and they think Sheffield Show is in Graves Park on the same day. I suspect that they have it wrong.
  7. Does anyone know anything about this? According to Sheffield Telegraph Sheffield Show is to be held in Graves Park 25th August. There is nothing going on. Surely a mistake.
  8. I don't think it ever was Israel. They just react after being attacked repeatedly. The same will happen again and the same propaganda ministry will spring into action to tell us about those poor peace loving Muslims who in reality never want anything but the complete destruction of Israel.
  9. It certainly seems a wise idea. It prevents the nutters remapping an engine, blowing it to bits and then trying to make awarranty claim.
  10. Well heres an idea. Call it an initiative if you like. If as you claim Hamas rockets aren't killing hundreds of civilians in Israel, why don't Hamas stop firing them at Israel. Just as a jesture for say 72 hours. It would save all the cost of those rockets and as they are not achieving that much wouldn't really affect things. But if they did that and Israel continued to blast Gaza then I think we would have something to condemn Israel for. All it would take is Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel. After 3 days if Israel hadn't bombed Gaza perhaps they could extend it to a week.
  11. Hammas has been firing rockets from Gazza into Israel for 13 years. It doesn't seem like dialogue works with these people.
  12. Shallow thinkers would be you then as you dreamed up your pathetic anecdote in a feeble attempt to compare it to the headline story. Sadly similar instances of death threats unless folk convert tio Islam are all too common across the middle east. I never claimed they had happened to me, but there are pleanty of instances where it has happened unlike you little fantasy. ---------- Post added 19-07-2014 at 17:19 ---------- If the chip on his shoulder got any bigger his arm would drop off. ---------- Post added 19-07-2014 at 17:21 ---------- Here's another.. This time Syria http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/02/28/syria-christians-face-new-threat-convert-submit-to-islam-or-face-sword/ “Convert. Submit to Islam. Or face the sword.” In recent days, the besieged Christian community in Raqqa - a city in northern Syria – has faced those three stark alternatives. The terrorist group known as ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – made their demands after seizing control of the region. They required the local Christians to renounce their faith and embrace Islam, assent to extreme subjugation, or face death. In Syria and in Egypt, in Libya and beyond, Islamist attacks on Christians happen every day.
  13. http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/fda-rules-that-your-blood-is-a-drug-and-interstate-commerce-too/
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